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The Flash Season 8 Episode 12 Release Date: Deathstorm Awakens

Black Flame : The Flash Season 8
The Flash

The Long-running DC franchise The Flash released its 11th episode of season 8 titled ‘Resurrection’ on the 13th of April 2022. The show is getting a rather warm reception from the fans after a couple of lukewarm outings. The latest season manages to get a creepy and mysterious undertone that is reminiscent of the initial days of the show. The outright catastrophic events lead to an even disastrous revelation for the team Flash at the end of episode 11. In The Flash Season 8 Episode 12, we can see a lot of our questions and concerns being addressed.

The episode maintains a good pace, and not even a single frame is lackluster. The curious case of Black Flame still poses a damning threat to the population of Central City. Caitlyn is approached by the Black Flame, which reveals the appearance of Ronnie Raymond as Black Flame. Whereas Iris faces the repercussion of Reverse-Flashpoint causing the disappearance of Tinya’s mother. Caitlyn presents her hypothesis of how Ronnie ended up becoming Black Flame and suggests to everyone a way to save him. The motion, however, doesn’t interest anyone, especially Barry, as he warns Caitlyn of the consequences. Sue rushes to Barry as she witnesses a vengeance filed Tinya attacking Iris and making her disappear.

Team Flash confronts Black Flame and is about to rid of the villainous entity with their specially prepared device. Frost intervenes and spoils the effort, the empathic cries of Caitlyn result in the appearance of Ronnie as he somehow takes control over Black Flame. Back at the lab, we can see Ronnie transforming into Deathstorm and hinting much chaos awaits in The Flash Season 8 Episode 12.

The Flash Season 8

The Flash

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What is The Flash Season 8 Episode 12 Release Date?

A lot happened at the end of the last episode, making fans crave more. The beautifully orchestrated series of events led to the birth of a new villain. We’ll see The Flash Season 8 Episode 12 return on the 27th of April 2022 at 8 pm ET. With Death Rises as the title of the 12th episode, we can see Deathstorm wreaking havoc as the Team Flash try and stop the new meta.

Where to watch The Flash Season 8 Episode 12?

The fans can expect to watch speedster and the team against Deeathstorm on Amazon Prime. The show is also available to stream on  Youtube TV. For the people living in the US, the show will continue with the streaming on CW’s official app every Wednesday.

What to expect from The Flash Season 8 Episode 12?

The previous ending on a massive cliffhanger gives us a lot of free room to calculate the next series of events. With Death Rises as the title for episode 12, we can certainly see Deathstorm going berserk. Flash and company will have a hard time trying the keep the new meta in check. The emotional turmoil of Caitlyn as Deathstorm confirms the death of her husband Ronnie Raymond might turn out to be a pivotal point for the episode.  The missing case of Iris West will act as the sub-plot for episode 12. We can expect Barry to be in a daze and conflicted with the set of priorities at hand. The ordeal of Barry and Caitlyn, coupled with the presence of Deathstorm, sets up the premise for episode 12, and we’re eager to see how it plays out.

The Flash Season 8

The Flash

What is The Flash about?

Based on the popular DC Comics character Flash, the show attempts to portray the heroic venture of Barry Allen. The show first aired on The CW networks on 7 Oct 2014, but that was not the first appearance of the Flash on TV. Earlier in December 2013, Grant Gustin starred as Barry Allen in the much popular show called Arrow. The popular reception of Grant’s Flash on the TV, however, gave the producers enough confidence to launch The Flash.

The show sees the origin of The Flash as Barry Allen, a CSI employee, gets struck by lightning due to a particle accelerator explosion. The incident doesn’t harm Barry but grants him the power to be lightning quick. He soon earns the title of ‘Fastest Man on Earth’ and fights crime using his newfound ability.

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