Is Mariah On Young And Restless Pregnant In Real Life?

Mariah on Young and Restless pregnant

This question might have intrigued you if you also have been watching Young and Restless. So is Mariah on Young and restless pregnant in real life. Well, in this article we will be exploring the possible aspects of Mariah being pregnant in real life as well. Before you began reading further, let me assure you this piece is spoiler-free, we here will be just focusing in particular on Mariah Copeland. The Actress Camryn Grimes has been portraying the character since it first made its appearance in 2014. The 31-year-old has been a part of Y&R as Cassie since 1997, when she was just 7 years old. Grimes made it to the headlines when she last year came out as bisexual. Mariah, whom she portrays on screen is also bisexual in the storyline.

The Young and Restless is an American television soap opera and first aired in 1973. The serial has been running for 32 years and completed its 12000th in December last year. Moreover, the CBS Daytime soap opera counts 11 Daytime Emmy Awards to date. The highest-ranked opera for 32 years straight has been ruling television and hearts with chapters that just go into the next volume and are unending. The latest episode of the new season will be out on 16th August. It also has been renewed to run in 2023 with another season by CBS. Camryn Grimes has won 2 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama series and owes it to the serial. Her performance in both her roles Cassie and Marah were appreciated as well as loved by fans.

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Mariah on Young and Restless pregnant
Still from the series

Mariah Copeland Storylines

Camryn, as the character Mariah, was seen for the first time on screen in 2014. Mariah is a bad girl with a heart and is totally the opposite of her twin sister Cassie. After Cassie’s death, her ghost used to appear in dreams or as hallucinations. But the writers had something else planned for the character. It came as a shocking surprise after the revelation that Cassie’s ghost was a real human fully alive who was hired by her grandfather Victor. In order to prove that Shanon was mentally ill and does not deserve the love of his son, Victor planned all this.

Further revelations regarding the character became fun and exciting as the show went on. Tyler Michaelson’s ex scandalous girlfriend Mariah, who is also linked to Ian Ward, has a very loose character. Amidst all this, the writers never forgot to add some spicy elements to her character. Mariah, over the course, becomes obsessed with Cassie’s father, Nick, and it is really amusing to watch her crushing over him. When the twin sisters were born, then Ian stole Mariah and has been raising her since then. After dating male characters like Kevin Fisher and Dave Hamilton, Mariah began cultivating feelings for a female character  Tessa Porter. And the most controversial part is that Tessa happens to be the girlfriend of her brother.

Is Camryn Grimes, a.k.a Mariah, pregnant in real life?

No, Camryn Grimes is not pregnant in real life. The sudden change in the storyline of her character Mariah Copeman on the opera has got fans speculating about her pregnancy in real life. The plot has got something for Mariah where she will be seen with a baby bump on screen. Actress Camryn Grimes who plays Mariah Copeman, confirmed this in an interview. Moreover, she described her love for babies and want to have her own kids one day. On how challenging it was for her to portray the role of a pregnant woman Grimes said that it was quite an experience and considers it cool. She will be playing the role of surrogate Mariah for Abby Newman.

Mariah on Young and Restless pregnant
Camryn Grimes with her fake baby bump

If you have been following the storylines of Y&R from the very start, then you must be aware that Mariah Copeland is the twin sister of Cassie Newman. Cassie was also portrayed by Camryn before in 2005, the character was kicked off the narrative. The writers made her die from injuries sustained in a car accident. The death of Cassie impacted not only the viewers but also the characters in the opera for years. Cassie’s parents parted ways after the death of their beloved adopted daughter Cassie. In 2020 the creators decided to introduce Cassie’s twin sister Mariah who was previously unknown. Camryn Grimes was seen as Cassie last in 2014, but her character returned to the show in February last year.

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