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In The Vampire Diaries, Who Does Bonnie End Up With?

Who does Bonnie end up with

Who does Bonnie end up with? If you are also a lazy lad and want to know the answer without having to watch the 8 seasons long series then we have got it covered for you. The only show where you will love the bad guys more than the good guys. Yes, you have guessed it right it’s none other than CW’s supernatural television series The Vampire Diaries. Once you start watching the show it grips you. The twists don’t let you be calm and keep you on the edge of your seat. The show centers around the lives of three leads Elena Gilbert, Stefan Salvatore, and his brother Damon Salvatore. The Salvatores are the vampires and Elena who thinks that she is just a human happens to be a Petrova Doppelganger. The other characters are Elena’s friends Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Tyler Lockwood, and Matt Donovan.

Now talking about a few great things about this show, you get to watch the characters develop, you see them bond, you see them suffer. And hats off to the phenomenal actors that wrap you up so tightly that you emotionally feel the loss of a character. Besides the supernatural elements, the other thing that makes this series connect with the viewers is the romance. With this, we have landed on the focal point of this article. Before we begin let me warn you that you might encounter some minor spoilers ahead. And also if you always believed that Setafn and Damon were the actual heroes then the subsequent sections might compel you into changing your opinion. Instead of the famous love triangle of the principal characters, this piece of information will rather talk about who will Bonnie end up with.

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Bonnie Bennett: The Selfless Witch

Who does Bonnie end up with

Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, and Bonnie Bennett

Mistakenly considered as a show that bears for girls, The Vampire Diaries is not just any other cheesy supernatural storyline like Twilight. And if you ask any TVD stan they will tell you that Bonnie was in true sense the hero of the show. The pilot episode introduces Bonnie as a girl whose mother abandoned her and whose father visited her seldom. Raised by her Grams Shiela Bennett, Bonnie happens to be the youngest and the last known member of the Bennett family. As a girl who always joked about her Grams being a witch, Bonnie gets overwhelmed when she learns about her magical powers. It was hard for Bonnie to control her powers and before her Grams could actually teach her she died. Besides all other strong points, the only flaw the show had was that Bonnie never got her due.

As the story progresses we see that everyone Bonnie loved died, the boy he loved cheated on him for a ghost and she even lost her true love. She was the only character whose sufferings were made to be not at all important. According to the writers, the show’s victim was Elena Gilbert but in the true sense, it was Bonnie Bennett. Throughout the series, she fought The Original Vampires, the sirens, Silas, and even managed to escape the prison world. She constantly risked her life and every single time managed to save Mystic Falls and her friends without getting anything in return. She was always the one to sacrifice and even in the show finale once more the show drove home the narrative that Bonnie Bennett’s sole purpose on the series was to help the characters around her even if it was detrimental to her or her family.

Who does Bonnie end up with?

Who does Bonnie end up with

Bonnie and Enzo

The strongest element in the show is without a doubt its romance. Not just the primary love triangle of Elena-Stefan-Damon, the other love stories are also equally entertaining. But the only character that wasn’t fortunate in the matter of love was Bonnie Bennett. Her first ever romantic relationship was with Jeremy Gilbert who eventually cheated on her. Jeremy was Bonnie’s best friend Elena Gilbert’s younger brother and the relationship seemed like a piece to fill a hole in the plot. Our witch however loved Jeremy with everything she had even her life. And I literally mean it. She brought back Jeremy to life even at cost of her own life. Her second relationship was with Enzo and she wasn’t even his first choice.

Enzo and Bonnie’s relationship was rushed, and it came after he was rebuff by Caroline, and rejected by Lilly. However Enzo and Bonnie were perfect for each other except for the fact that the connection implied to have come out of nowhere. In the flashbacks, the couple didn’t even seem real as there was no buildup. It was only because of the skillful acting of the actors portraying them that connected with the audiences in a due course of time. And no that’s not it. Just the moment it started feeling like finally for the first time Bonnie did something for her own self, her true love Enzo was killed by Stefan. Bonnie’s grief was so strong that she unleashed a psychic blast, preserving Enzo’s spirit in a newly created dimension. So to put it concisely Bonnie doesn’t end up with anyone.

Who does Bonnie end up with

Enzo’s death scene

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