Dexter Season 9 Release Date: Cast And Plot Updates

Dexter season 9 release date
Dexter season 9

In this article, we will talk about the Dexter season 9 release date. America’s favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan bid farewell to the fans in 2013. And now, after 8 years, the creators announced a reboot entitled Dexter: New Blood. Ever since the first season premiered in 2006, it became one of the favorite crime drama mystery series. A storyline that is supposed to be dark has got humor and relatable situations as well. The series ties up loose ends with a nice pretty bow, so there are little to no questions you’re left asking yourself as a viewer. Best known for the most depressing endings ever, the series counts two Golden Globe Awards.

The protagonist Dexter Morgan is a forensic technician and specializes in bloodstain pattern analysis for the Miami Metro Police Department. A technician in the day, Dexter is also a serial killer and struggles in maintaining his appearance as a socially responsible human being. Season 8 officially marked the end of the series, but whatsoever the reason might be it is being renewed for a new season. If you have been wondering that when will the reboot be streaming, then we have got you covered. The subsequent sections of the article will delve into the release date of Dexter season 9, cast as well as a quick recap.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

Dexter season 9 release date
Dexter: New Blood poster

November 7, 2021, mark the date as on that very day Dexter Morgan will be returning with a brand new season. This miniseries will be set 10 years after the incidents of the finale of season 8. Just 3 months, and the wait will be over. The storyline will focus on the new life of Dexter Morgan, who has moved to the small town of Iron lake and will be seen disguised under the name Jim Lindsay. Jim, who is in a romantic relationship with the town’s chief of police Angela Bishop is terrified as he is unable to escape his past. It will be really exciting to see that wheater he will succeed in suppressing The Dark passenger inside him or not. The trailer is already out and if you have missed it, then check it out here.

Dexter Season 8: A Quick Recap

It’s been 8 years since the finale of season 8 was released, and now after a prominent gap, it has been renewed for the new season. So it’s recommended to refresh the preceding storyline. The way Season 8 ended was not very well appreciated by the fans. Mainstream news even declared the finale to be the worst ending ever. Let’s just have a quick recap as we brace ourselves to dive into season 9, Dexter: New Blood. The protagonist Dexter Morgan comes across the familiar face and consequently is forced to deal with his past. Dr. Evelyn Vogel, a neuropsychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of psychopaths, returns to Miami and claims to have structured the code for him alongside Harry. In addition, the narrative also attends with Debra and her actions in the preceding seasons. Moreover, besides this, the plot makes him deal with the new ruthless serial killer.

The trademark of this killer, in particular is removing pieces of the victims’ brains. The series of events take place and in the finale, we land at the hospital where Debra is admitted as she was shot by Saxon. Next at the airport, Dexter along with Hannah and Harrison becomes successful in slipping away from Elway just then, due to a bomb scare, they are forced to leave. Debra, who is once again attacked by Saxton, undergoes surgery, and soon after that, she suffers a massive stroke. Saxon has been arrested, and Dexter, in his cell, kills him by puncturing his carotid artery. The turning point comes when Dexter takes Debra’s almost dead body and drops it into the water. Then he further tries to end his own life, but later it is revealed that he faked his death.

Dexter season 9 release date
Still from the show

Dexter Season 9 Cast updates

Knowing the cast beforehand is very important as it helps us to connect with the characters in a better way. As the writer of this informative piece, it’s my sole responsibility to make you familiar with the actors and characters. Dexter: New Blood will cast Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, Clancy Brown as Kurt Caldwell, and Julia Jones as Angela Bishop. The list further continues with Alano Miller as Logan and Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey. The cameo appearances include Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan and John Lithgow as Arthur Mitchell. In November, the Dexter season 9 miniseries will be streaming on the television network Showtime.

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