Kristen And Robert Split: Why Did The Twilight Stars Break Up?

Kristen and Robert split
Kristen and Robert

How much do you know about the Robert and Kristen split?. We are accustomed to seeing actors falling for their costars offscreen as well, and why shouldn’t that be. Shooting together for a significant amount of time like that must amplify things. Even psychology agrees that faking an emotion over a period of time makes you more likely to feel that emotion. One such onscreen couple is Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Robert and Kristen were introduced to each other at the auditions of the hit Twilight franchise. Ever since Robert Pattinson was cast as Edward, fans have been swooning over his pretty face. And how could Kristen work with him and not fall in love with a persona like his?.

The most interesting part being Pattinson’s casting as Edward Cullen, which was highly influenced by Kristen’s liking of him. And there is no arguing that the red hot sizzling chemistry between them was unmatched. They created a love story onscreen, which eventually came true off-screen too just as a fairy tale would. Unfortunately, the only bit that distinguished their fling from the fairy tale was the ending. Well, you must have speculated the theme of this informative piece by now. In this article, I have gathered and articulated the grounds on which Kristen and Robert’s split took place. So brace yourselves for encountering a relationship that is as messy as it gets.

Kristen and Robert split
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight

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Why did Kristen and Robert split up?

I don’t know about you people, but Twilight made me believe in the existence of true love. And I distinctly remember the younger me who was delighted in the fact that Bella and Edward were dating in real life. Not just mine but the hearts of all the Twihards shattered when Kristen and Robert split up. However, there wasn’t just one reason why they had to call it quits. In fact, the 4 years they spend together were loaded with accusations, cheating, trust issues, and whatnot. However, both Kristen and Robert are to be blamed equally for not being able to work out their problems and the ugly phase their relationship had to undergo.

Kristen Stewart’s Cheating Scandal

Before committing to the relationship, both Kristen and Robert used to see someone else. So basically, Kristen ditched Michael Angarano while Pattinson had to end his romance with Nikki Reed. They eventually came around together, and their ship seemed to be sailing steadily just when Kristen brought some more drama. She won’t be able to erase the haunting memories of 2012’s summer. Her photos making out with director Rupert Sanders in a car took the internet by storm, and her secret little affair was busted. And soon after the pictures punched the time clock, Kristen apologized admitting that she was in a relationship with Robert Pattinson. Furthermore, Kristen being in the doghouse, made sure to emphasize her love for Robert. Rather mortified Pattinson, who was said to be going to propose Kristen, was left crestfallen.

Kristen and Robert split
Kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders

The Pickup

Robert Pattinson moved out of the house they shared and, in addition hinted that the damage was too acute to be nullified. However, the wishes of the fans came true when the news of the Twilight couple coming back together surfaced in 2013. But something that was broken that badly can not be mended right away. Things were never the same as before again, and despite the fact that Robert took her back, Kristen was never accepted by his family members and friends. On the other hand, Twihards’ joy knew no bounds, and as soon as the reconciling news broke, marriage rumors started swirling. Later it became evident that even if he tried, Pattinson could not trust her anymore.

The trust game took a really ugly turn, and eventually, things didn’t turn out as they expected. A new addition that was made to the ongoing controversial war was Kristen’s infidelity. If we take a closer look at the reports, then it won’t surprise us that Kristen was not the only nail in the coffin. Pattinson’s name is also not in the clear when it comes to hookups. Robert also is said to have cheated on Kristen with Caitlin Cronenberg during the time period of their relationship, but somehow, all the blame is on Kristen. Their love story didn’t get a fairy tale ending, and they parted their ways in 2013 for good.

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