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Who Does Katarina Claes End Up With In “My Next Life as a Villainess”?


Katarina Claes, the protagonist of the light novel Magma, and the anime will be discussed here. Yes, My Next Life as a Villainess has attempted to connect the audience with the tale on numerous occasions. I don’t believe everyone is engaged in all of the current variants on the topic. Every other Timeline’s plot has been slightly improvised. I’ll go through each one with you one by one. The character of Katarina Claes is one of the few constants throughout the story. Her fans often pair her up with their favorite characters. But, in the end, who does Katarina Claes end up with? This topic will be extensively explored in this article.

Starting in November 2019, the newer manga series began publishing chapters in Monthly Comic Zero Sum. It follows Katarina Claes, a 17-year-old otaku who is reborn as the villain in the otome game Fortune Lover. When she realizes that her character will either be murdered or banished, she begins to utilize her enormous game knowledge to her advantage and organizes her every action with the long term in mind to avert her destiny. Seven Seas Entertainment has revealed an official English translation of Verge of Doom after years of waiting. On November 28, 2021, Volume 1 will be released.

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Who does Katarina Claes end up with?

Sadly, My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom’s light novel, manga, and anime is still in progress, and no one knows who will end up with Katarina Claes.  The anime’s second season was released in July 2021, and fans will have to wait to see what happens next in the series to find out who Katarina will date and marry. Because the anime is more like the manga, the characters in both versions appear to be less developed. It is a lighthearted anime series that combines the famous reincarnation novel subject with the reverse harem genre. The story for the series began with Satoru Yamaguchi’s HameFura web novel, which he self-published.

Who does Katarina Claes end up with

Katarina Claes

Katarina unintentionally causes nearly every character in Fortune Lover to fall in love with her simply by being nice to them. Most of the individuals Katarina befriends are supposed to have a terrible past, but their lives are moved in a new, happy path because of Katarina’s well-intentioned intervention and gentleness. Normally, friendship-only endings in otome games are depressing, but for Katarina Claes, Maria’s love for her and her friends guarantees a wonderfully happy conclusion.

An Insight into the Character of Katarina

Because Katarina is still officially engaged to Prince Geordo Stuart, the drama begins fast. She chooses to practice her swordsmanship and magic to protect herself after mistakenly accepting Geordo’s marriage proposal, the latter prompting her to create a farm to refine her earth magic. Unwittingly, she begins to develop favorable relationships with the game’s love interests and other ‘villains,’ averting her awful endings. I’m not sure whether this is controversial, but I can’t imagine Katarina with Geordo. She is unfit for the high aristocracy and wishes to enter the department of magic to avoid marriage. I believe she would be happier with Nicol.

My Next Life as a Villainess

My Next Life as a Villainess

Another isekai journey with an outrageously lengthy title, this time in anime form. The manga spinoff is recommended for anime fans seeking something a little more dramatic. Katarina does not suffer from a fatal childhood head-butt in this offshoot. Katarina’s reincarnated memories are not awakened this time until she is 15 years old and experiences an accident while being bullied by Maria.  She tries to call off the engagement, but the dark-hearted prince is taken with this new Katarina and refuses to let her go so he may exploit her for his own ends.

Fans of the anime may still cheer for Katarina’s partner. Even though the series isn’t entirely romantic. It shows you a scene from the life of a female character who is alone. She’s on the verge of finding someone. When it comes to friendship, she has a lot to give back. This is demonstrated in the series by the equation of Maria and Katarina. Enjoy the madness till then, and keep an eye on the developments.

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