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F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Who does Monica End Up With In The Sitcom?

Monica end up with

The focal point of this article will be Monica Geller’s love life. You will find out the answer to the question Who does Monica end up with, in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?. Best known for its strong and lovable characters, the hugely popular sitcom ran for 236 episodes before concluding in 2004. The dinosaur geek Ross Geller, his control-freak chef sister Monica, the funny and sarcastic accountant turned advertiser Chandler Bing, Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey all were simply fantastic. Many sitcoms have tried to replicate the success of Friends, but it remains the greatest in history. Often compared to Seinfield, Friends gave us precious memories to cherish for life.

I will be there for you, Cause you’re there for me too, trust me if you’re just like me coming across these lyrics for the billionth time, then you know the importance of these iconic lyrics. It’s a show where 6 characters enter your life and make you forget your real one. You become a part of their life as if you are actually having dinner and sipping coffee at Central Park with them. One of the countless plus points is the romantic as well as brotherly relationships between the characters. We are well aware of the classic Ross and Rachel thing, but what about Monica?. With her pretty face and graceful persona, she is capable of getting any man she wants. So who is the man Monica will end up with? The next section has the answer ready for you.

Monica end up with


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Who does Monica end up with?

Even if you haven’t watched a single episode of the sitcom, you must have a rough idea of the answer. Yes, Monica Gellar does end up with Chandler Bing, as the sitcom concludes. Chandler and Monica are long-time neighbours/ friends that lead out marrying each other. One might insist Ross and Rachel’s relationship being beautiful, but Monica and Chandler were class all the way. What they had Ross and Rachel never had. And even after the reunion, the hot topic of discussion was Monica and Chandler’s calm love story. Before you get your hopes high, let me tell you that the actors never had feelings for each other back then and never were in a real relationship. Nor are they planning to get into one.

Monica end up with

Monica and Chandler’s wedding

As the writers revealed that initially, they never intended anything romantic or long-lived to happen between the couple, the love that kindled out of the blues was supposed to return there. Besides what they wanted, the response from the fans was enormous, and they loved the idea of Monica and Chandler being a couple. So eventually, the screenplay had to follow up and extend their romance beyond that one-night stand in London. Now, after so many years, as we look back, we can clearly see that the show owes its prolonged shelf life to the couple as it provided the writers an opportunity to explore new storylines. The 10 seasons could never have just rested solely upon the on and off relationship of Ross and Rachel in the long run.

More about Monica Gellar and Chandler Bing

Monica and Chandler hold the title of the best relationship on Friends but is that worth it?. Monica Gellar was introduced as a hardworking chef who, in order to find the perfect man for herself, keeps the lives of everyone around her in order. Her dominating traits include cleanliness, competitiveness, and obsessive-compulsive nature. The only character that was remotely well received by test audiences was played by actress Courteney Cox. On the other hand, Chandler Bing was a guy who has no clue what goes around him, and the only thing her is acutely conscious of is going to the office and do what Monica tells him to do. Isn’t that the very situation in our real lives as well, and I think the fact that people can relate to them is what makes them the favorites.

Monica end up with

Monica and Chandler at the Friends reunion

The romantic turn in their relationship began at the end of season 4 when all the friends went to London to attend Ross’ wedding. Ross was getting married to Emily, and Rachel was not invited. Amidst all the overwhelming feelings, the one that disturbed Monica was the fact that she was 30 and still unmarried. Just like any other gentleman, Chandler consoled her, and that very night, they both hooked up for the first time. They kept their relationship a secret and not even told their respective best friends. But eventually, Chandler proposed to Monica by the end of the sixth season, and the rest is history. Proving the writers wrong, they glued very well and were made a proper married couple. Considering the fertility problems, they later adopted newborn twins Erica and Jack.

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