Life After Lockup Season 3: All About The Cast And Plot

Life after Lockup
Life after Lockup

Life after Lockup is already streaming on We Tv with brand new episodes. If the name Life after Lockup does not clicks to you, then you definitely are missing out on some quality reality television content. I can assure you that once you start watching, you will be hooked. The life story of the couples on the show will keep you wrapped around your television every Friday night. For those who are very well aware of the Love After Lockup franchise, you will definitely enjoy reading this informative piece. Not only I will tell you about the plot, but also I will throw light on the couples that will be seen in the new season of Life After Lockup.

Before landing on the subject matter, let me start with a quick introduction and tell you what the show is about. Life After Lockup is the spin-off of the original reality series Love After Lockup. In a nutshell, We TV’s docuseries sketches the love lives of the recently released felons. The smash-hit success of the show led to the airing of some extended episodes under a new name Life After Lockup. Consequently, the makers extended the second season of the original series with these additional episodes. The spin-off first began streaming on June 14th in 2019. Furthermore, three seasons have been released so far, and the fans are looking forward to some more seasons.

Life after Lockup
Life After Lockup

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Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

Everybody deserves a second chance, and that is what the show depicts. We get to see how the ex-offenders try to reinforce their way back into society. It’s nice to see people get out and turn their lives around, and their journey intrigues the viewers. Besides that, how they navigate through their marriage after one of them has spent quite some time behind the bars is what the screenplay focuses on. We get deeper insights into the lives of some popular couples featured in the original series. All the questions like, will they stay together? Or will they manage forever with each other? are answered in this spinoff series.

Who will be participating in Life After Lockup season 3?

Some of the favorites will be back in season 3 as well. Nevertheless, the teasers have already hinted that Life After Lockup season 3 will be topped with a lot of melodrama followed by some exciting events as well. As per the official teasers and releases, we know that Brittany and Marcelino will be back, along with Daonte and Nicolle. The list of all the couples that will be seen in the brand new season goes as follows.

Life after Lockup
Life after Lockup season 3 cast

Marcelino & Brittany

Marcelino and Brittany have been living in Las Vegas everything was just fine. But the drama begins as Brittany wants to open up a halfway house to counsel former convicts. This passion of Brittany’s has dragged them into some financial trouble, and they have exhausted their money.

Lacey & Shane

This couple has got some major trust issues yet again. Shane is suspected to be cheating on Lacey again this time, and she is determined to make him undergo a lie detector test.

Daonte, Nicolle & Tia

Nicolle and Daonte are doing pretty well, but meanwhile, Nicolle wants to reconnect with her ex-girlfriend Tia. The third wheel will definitely add some more fun to the show.

Stan & Lisa

Unlike others, Lisa and Stan have been trying hard to fix the issues in their relationship, but they have trust issues. They seem to be just physically attracted to each other, and their relationship lacks any emotional support.

Shawn, Sara & Destinie

This triangle will keep you hooked like no other couple. Looks like Shawn believes that he is meant to be with Sara and not Destinie. However, Sara will be released from prison soon, and she has got her own secrets. On the flip side, Destine still wants Shawn, and I am pretty sure that the love triangle will bring on some top-quality melodrama.

Amber & Puppy

Followed by their previous messy split, Amber and Puppy will be back, and the speculations will end with that. However, fans have been anticipating that Puppy could be back behind the bars because some situations arose with Amber’s ex. Puppy’s whereabouts were not known, and Amber decides to find him.

John & Kristianna

The couple from Cresco, IA will be looking forward to tying knots. It will be really interesting to see that will John be able to fulfill Kristina’s wishes of a dream wedding. Moreover, if her sister Terra will spare them and not ruin their wedding due to their damaged relationship with her. Let’s hope Kristina does not ends up being a runaway bride.

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