Help On Channel 4 Release Date: Here Is Everything You Need To Know!

Help On Channel 4 Release Date

There’s a long list of Telly shows set to release this month. Channel 4’s “It’s a sin” and BBC’s “North Water” are some of them to look forward to. Autumn is right around the corner, and viewers must be anticipating some quality content. With some major shows queued to premiere, the broadcasters without a doubt, have made sure you have an incredible telly time this month. But amongst all these, the one you should definitely add to your watchlist is Help. Help will release on Channel 4 sometime this month. The two-hour drama stars Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer, who will pair up to explore the dynamics of all those various care homes that witnessed the hardships during the global pandemic. Described as an extremely important piece of real socialism, this upcoming covid drama will definitely hit you right in the feels.

As soon as Channel 4 dropped the trailer on its Instagram handle, it became evident that we will get to see some emotive performances along with so many of the untold stories of real-life heroes and their struggles. The trailer shows Jodie in a situation that looks impossible to get out of. She is being informed by her boss that their care home will have new patients transferred from a hospital. Well, if you haven’t watched the trailer, do check it out, as it is going to be a heart-shattering two hours emotional rollercoaster. If you have already watched it and are curious to know the release date of Help on Channel 4, we have got you covered. The exact date, along with the plot and cast, have been revealed in the subsequent sections of this article.

Help On Channel 4 Release Date
Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham on Channel 4’s Help

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Help on Channel 4 Release Date

The upcoming Covid drama “Help” is all set to air on Channel 4 on September 16, 2021. The first look image of the actors Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham was released last month. Furthermore, the drama is created by the BAFTA Award-winning writer Jack Thorne. Comer on her Instagram handle shared the same and credited the crew members for their efforts to make the project possible. She further went on to thank them for showing her the true meaning of teamwork. Ever since it was announced that Jodie Comer and Stephan Graham will be back together on Channel 4’s Help, fans have been eagerly waiting for the reunion. Previously they worked together in BBC’s crime drama Good Cop and became firm friends back on the sets in 2012.

Storyline of Help

“It’s March 2020: Fear is taking over as unknown virus sweeps the planet”. As it is evident from the official synopsis Help is a covid drama set at the start of the pandemic. The moving narrative of the drama follows the struggles as well as the relationship between a young care home worker and his patient. Although the characters are fictional, the plot is however based on a series of real events that were witnessed by the frontline workers. The backdrop is set in an imaginary care home based in Liverpool, where Sara takes a job and finds her mission. Just then, the pandemic hits the world, and her life is changed forever. Comer plays the role of the doctor Sarah who is smart but never seems to fit in. Even her family undermines her.

Help On Channel 4 Release Date
Some stills from “Help” on Channel 4

She meets a young-onset Alzheimer’s patient Tony. He is experiencing periods of confusion and vicious outbreaks due to his deteriorating mental health. He seems out of control, and no one on the staff but Sarah is able to manage him. As she is gifted with the ability to connect with people very easily, she starts bonding with Tony. Just when she starts believing in herself, covid hits and everything just shatters. The system fails to fight the pandemic, and midway the film takes a horror turn. The patients and care workers face the inescapable demon Coronavirus. The responsibility of saving the lives of those trapped patients who fight for their lives is solely on Sarah’s shoulders. Will she find a way out of the dark corner?. For the answer, you will have to watch it as Help will stream next week on Channel 4.

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