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September Kpop Birthdays: Top 10 September Birthdays

September Kpop Birthdays

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the topic of September Kpop Birthdays. Kpop has been gaining massive popularity over the past few years. It is a genre of music that originated in South Korea and has been gaining the attention of people all over the world. The artists in this music industry are referred to as Kpop Idols. These Idols have a massive fan following who are obsessed with their idols.

For example, let’s take BTS, They are now the most famous boy band in the world. Everybody knows about their famous fan following called the BTS army. They now top the billboard charts and have the most viewed music video within 24 hours in YouTube. We have two members of BTS who celebrates their birthday in the month of September. If you are one of those fans and want to know when your favourite idol’s birthday is. Worry Not! This article will discuss in detail All the September Kpop Birthdays.

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1. Jungkook – BTS

September Kpop Birthdays

Jeon Jungkook

First on the list is none other than Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook is the lead vocalist and dancer of the widely popular South Korean boy band BTS. He is also the youngest member of the band is usually seen being pampered by the other members. Jungkook’s birthday falls on 1st September 1997. BTS first made their debut in 2013, and now eight years after their debut, they have become the number one boy band in the world. This is purely because of their hard work and dedication, and they surely deserve it all.

2. RM – BTS

September Kpop Birthdays

Kim Nam Joon

The next famous September Kpop Birthday is Jungkook’s fellow band member Kim Nam Joon. He goes by the stage name RM which is short for Ram Monster. Namjoon’s birthday is on 12th September 1994. Namjoon is the leader of the seven-member boy band and is also the most fluent in English out of all the members. During their interviews, we can see him guiding the group and sharing his influential thoughts. When BTS was just debuting, the group used to get a lot of hate mails, and Namjoon would translate this differently so that the members wouldn’t get hurt and keep going on. This is what a true leader really does. He is one of the lead rappers of BTS and also writes the lyrics of some of their songs.

3. Chen – EXO

Kpop Idols Celebrating birthdays in September

Kim Jong Dae

Chen, whose original name is Kim Jong-Dae is a member of the popular South Korean Kpop band called EXO. Now all those who are familiar with Kpop might know all about EXO. The group made its debut in 2012 and has gone on to become widely famous all over the world. After BTS, they might be the most popular K-pop boy band on the planet. Chen was born on 21 September 1992. He is on a hiatus from his career as a Kpop idol as he is on the mandatory South Korean military service from October 2020. Chen is expected to return in the year 2022. He is also married and has a child with his wife.

4. Nayeon – TWICE

September kpop birthdays

Im Na Yeon

The first female on the September Kpop Birthdays list is Nayeon. Born Im Na Yeon, she is a member of the very famous South Korean Girl Group TWICE. This Kpop group was formed by JYP Entertainment and has been active since the year 2015. Nayeon is one of the vocalists of TWICE, and she also happens to be the oldest member of the girl group. Her birthday is on 22 September 1995. Nayeon has also made a guest appearance in the 2012 Kdrama Dream High 2.

5. Felix – Stray Kids

September Kpop Idols Birthdays


He is the lead dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of Stray Kids, which is a South Korean Boy Band.  Stray Kids is also under JYP Entertainment and was formed in the year 2017. Other than Felix, the group has seven other members, which include Bang Chan, I.N, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin, and Lee Know. His birthday falls on September 15th, 2000. He is not actually from South Korea, but he comes from Australia.

6.  Yena- Iz*One

September Kpop Birthdays

Choi Ye Na

The Next Kpop idol whose birthday falls in September is Yena of Iz*One. Her original name is Choi Ye-Na, and her birthday is on 29th September 1999. She was a member of Iz*One, which debuted in 2018. But she eventually left the group and now is a soloist with Yuehua Entertainment.

7. Youngjae – GOT7

Birthdays in September Kpop

Choi Young Jae

Choi Young Jae, whose stage name is Youngjae was a member of the widely popular Kpop band GOT7. He debuted with the band in the year 2014, but unfortunately, GOT7 has disbanded as of 19th January 2021. The news came as a shock to most of their fans. Younjae’s birthday is on 17 September 1996. We got to see him in more solo projects in the future.

8. Joy- Red Velvet

Kpop Idols Celebrating Birthdays in September

Park Soo-young

The next famous September Kpop birthday is that of Park Soo-young, who is commonly known as Joy. She is a member of the very popular South Korean girl group called Red Velvet. Her birthday is on 3 September 1996. Apart from being a Kpop idol, Joy is also a popular actress in South Korea. She has starred in the TV Shows such as Tempted, Pajama Friends, and Handsome Tigers. Red Velvet was formed in the year 2014 under SM Entertainment, and since their debut, the group has gained massive success. But there are rumours flying around that the group will soon disband.

9. Jinyoung- GOT7


Park Jin-young

Park Jin-young was one of the members of the boy band GOT7, which was formed in the year 2014. He goes by the stage name Jinyoung. The group disbanded earlier this year. Jinyoung was born on 22nd September 1994. We hope to see him in more solo projects in the future.

10. Jisung- Stray Kids

Han Jisung

Han Ji Sung

Another Stray Kids member has made the top September Kpop Birthdays list. His full name is Han Ji Sung, and he goes by the stage name Han. He is a member of the Kpop group called Stray Kids which have been gaining popularity over the years. His birthday is on 14 September 2000.

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