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Banished From The Heroes’ Party Release Date: When Is The New Anime Coming?

Banished From The Heroes' Party Release Date
Banished From The Heroes' Party

The Fall 2021 anime season is nowhere with a truly fantastic lineup of animes coming to us. From mysteries to musicals, there’s something for everyone in the lineup. The showstopper, however has to be Kodokawa’s new project. This article will focus on the upcoming anime adaptation of the Japanese light novel series Banished From the Heroes’ Party. I surfed and gathered all the details about the season premiere, so you don’t have to. Here I have put down all that you need to know about the release date, plot, and characters of Banished from The Heroes’ Party(2021). So without wasting any more time, get going!.

Let us begin with a quick introduction to the storyline that the official synopsis hints at. The protagonist, Red was a member of the Hero’s Party before he was thrown out by one of his own comrades. The reason being him giving up, and according to the rules, the one who gives up once is banished from the party. The Hero’s Party is a mighty group whose daily grind is to save the world from the evil forces of the Demon Lord, Taraxon. After all this, our heroic and mighty adventurer’s new goal is to open a pharmacy. He disguises his past identity under a new name Red, but one day someone very beautiful from his past shows up. It will be really exciting to see if he will manage to live the simple life he wishes.

Banished From The Heroes' Party Release Date

Banished From The Heroes’ Party (2021)

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Banished From The Heroes’ Party Release Date

The anime adaptation of the light novel Banished From Heroes’ Party is all set to release in October 2021. The official website for the anime previously announced that the production has been delayed due to some unavoidable circumstances. But despite the delay, Banished From the Heroes’ Party that was previously scheduled to premiere in July has now been shifted to air in October this fall. Ever since the project was announced, last year fans were eagerly waiting for some details on the anime series. On the flip side, there is no official word on where to stream it, and the makers have not dropped the trailer as well. But that’s not something to worry about as based on the light novel of the same name, we got some details on the cast and characters for you.

Banished From The Heroes’ Party: Voice Actors and Characters

Banished From The Heroes' Party Release Date

Red and Rit

Ryota Suzuki as Red

The main protagonist Gideon(Red) is the A D- adventurer from the nearby settlement of Zoltan. He is blessed with the sign of the “Guide” to protect and guide heroes on their journey and a former member of such a party. Gideon gathers and sells herbs to make a living. After he is banished from the party, he changes his name to Red and decides to open his herbs shop and live a quiet life. The dark-haired boy with blue beautiful eyes from the light novel does not believe in violence and wants to lead a peaceful life. Japanese voice actor Ryota Suzuki will play the character of Red in the anime adaptation. Suzuki is best known for voicing Yu Ishigami, Ichiro Sato, and Caster / Asclepius.

Kanon Takao as Rit

Rit is a long-time friend of Gideon. She comes to know about Red from the adventure’s Guild and wonders if Red is actually Gideon. She decides to visit the newly opened pharmacy and find out on her own. Furthermore, as the story progresses, she ends up living there and helping Red out. The voice actress Kanon Takao who will voice Rit has previously worked in “Ani Tore! EX” as Yu Hiraoka and as Azalyn Goza, the 168th in “The Irresponsible Captain Tylor”.

Banished From The Heroes' Party Release Date

Banished From The Heroes’ Party characters Ares, Ruti, and Yarandrala

Ruti,Yarandrala, and Ares

Ruti Ragnason is Red’s younger sister, and she will be played by Naomi Ozora. Moreover, Yarandrala, who is a high elf, possesses the ability to control plants. She was blessed by the Singer of Trees, and consequently, she can ask the plants to lend her their aid. Initially, she became a member of the Hero’s party during the battle in Loggervia and is a close friend of Gideon. The next significant character is Ares Srowa, who is a son of a failed duke. He is blessed with the sign “leader” and joined the Hero’s party in order to restore his family’s power. He was the one to kick Red out when the party members caught up to Red’s level. The voice actor who is known for “Fire Force”, Taku Yashiro will be voicing Ares Srowa.

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