Dopesick: Release Date, Cast & Plot Updates

Dope sick Release date

For its fall schedule, Hulu has unveiled the release dates of the new originals and freshman series lined up for debut. While many streaming platforms are still running the mainstream content, Hulu has got an upcoming groundbreaking series for you in the store. With the announcement of the release date of Danny Strong’s miniseries, Dopesick Hulu will breathe life into one of the most impactful stories of our culture. Michael Keaton’s remarkable talent combined with Barry Levinson’s brilliant cinematic vision will definitely tug at your heartstrings. Ever since the streamer gave a straight-to-series order to Dopesick, fans have been eagerly waiting for it. If you also have been wondering about the release date of Dopesick, then we have got you covered. The subsequent sections of this article will reveal the exact dates as well as give you an insight into the screenplay and the cast.

Dopesick is based on the non-fiction book by Beth Macy entitled “Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America”. The book takes us into the hypocenter of America’s twenty-plus-year struggle with opioid addiction. The series adaptation will dramatize this real-life story and the events related to one of the biggest crises that America witnessed. Furthermore, it will explore every possible facet of the company that affected the lives of billions of people. Taking about the facts and figures at least 453,300 people died from opioid drug abuse in 1996. Alongside Danny Strong, Dopesick is executively produced by John Goldwyn, Levinson, Warren Littlefield, Beth Macy, Karen Rosenfelt, and the actor Michael Keaton as well.

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What is Dopesick about?

The narrative will follow a small doctor in a Virginia mining town, Dr. Samuel Finnix. When a rep earns his trust, although a little hesitant at the start, he starts prescribing his patients the drug. Betsy Mallum becomes the first patient he advises the drug to. He instructs her to take only two pills per day, but the medicine turns out to be more addictive than the rep told him. As the negative effects of OxyContin come into the picture, we know that the reps have lied.

Dopesick Release Date

Danny Strong’s Dopesick is all set to release on October 13, 2021. It will be available to stream from then onwards on the streaming service Hulu. Further, Dopesick is also scheduled to release internationally on Disney plus, but there is no official word as to when. So set the alarms and mark the calenders as Dr. Samuel Finnix is coming to join you on the intense and thrilling ride this October. Dopesick being a limited series, will conclude after 8 episodes and most probably won’t be renewed. However, if the makers like HBO change their minds, then that would be a different case. Last month on 7th, Hulu dropped the trailer on Youtube.

Dopesick Release date
Dopesick (2021)

In the two minutes trailer, we can see Dr. Samuel Finnix entangled in Big Pharma’s deadly secret. As another man who appears to be a pharmaceutical rep declares that Less than one percent of people get addicted to OxyContin, we are introduced to the subject matter. The reps are pushed so hard to bring this miraculous drug OxyContin into the market. After the medical professionals are compelled into prescribing the drug, they later start realizing its adverse effects. How the viewers and critics receive, Hulu’s unorthodox and deeply compelling take on America’s opioid addiction is another thing. But one thing that is evident from the trailer is that Dopesick will kick things up a notch with some phenomenal performances by the actors.

Dopesick: Cast Updates

Dopesick Release date
Dopesick Cast

Michael Keaton is quite familiar with the true stories of institutional corruption. And with the release of Dopesick, he will return with yet another one. The Spiderman Homecoming actor Keaton in this upcoming miniseries will be seen as Dr. Samuel Finnix. While Kaitlyn Dever plays the character of his patient Betsy, Peter Sarsgaard will join in as the Assistant Attorney General Rick Mountcastle. Dopesick also has Will Poulter as a sales rep, Billy, and Michael Stuhlbarg as the pharma boss Richard Sackler. The main cast also includes John Hoogenakker and Rosario Dawson in significant roles. Phillipa Soo, Jake McDorman, Ray McKinnon, Cleopatra Coleman, Jaime Ray Newman, and Andrea Frankle will be seen in recurring capacities.

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