Where Is “Sand Dollar Cove” Filmed? Locations & Highlights!

Where Was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed
Sand Dollar Cove

Sand Dollar Cove, the Hallmark Channel’s newest feature, aired on June 26th. I am sure I am not the only one who loved the movie’s locations and settings. The aesthetic presentation and vocals of the romantic drama leave an indelible impact on viewers. Everyone is curious about the filming locations and cast members. As a result, netizens are wondering, “Where was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed?” All of the movie’s filming locations, as well as other highlights, have been covered here. Synthetic Cinema International, located in Rocky Hill, produced the film and has shot numerous films for Hallmark and Lifetime in southern Connecticut. According to the Plot, Elli, a Stamford developer, is trying to buy a beachfront house in Sand Dollar Cove, a charming Connecticut seaside hamlet. However, she falls for the area’s charm and the property owner in the route.

Further down in the article, we may expect some significant spoilers. I will reveal the narrative behind each venue as I uncover the locations. So, if you have already seen the movie, go ahead! For the uninitiated, you may either stay with us or turn on your displays right now. The film is worth watching. The best part about it is that the characters are written in a way that makes sense. In her contacts with Brody and the townspeople, Elli is friendly and professional. Brody, on the other hand, is fine with a beach resort coming to town as long as he keeps his pier. The premise makes it very familiar to the audience. The film is based on the same-named novel by Nancy Naigle. Although the book is set in the fictional North Carolina hamlet of Sand Dollar Cove.

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The Premise And Cast Updates

Elli (Michalka), a real estate development project manager, believes her business will have an easy time acquiring the property they need for their proposed seaside resort at Sand Dollar Cove. Because the town has been badly damaged by a storm that has reduced tourists, selling the site and considering all of the potential money from the resort appears to be a good idea. However, Brody (Murray) is adamant about not selling his land because he fears Elli’s firm would demolish the town’s famous fishing pier. His family has numerous links to the pier, and he refuses to let it be demolished, so they work together to find a solution. Unfortunately, time is not on their side, and they are racing against the clock to find a solution, even as their connection becomes stronger. It also stars Clare Bowen and Glynnis O’Connor, in addition to Aly Michalka and Chad Michael Murray.

Where Was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed
Noank, Connecticut 

Where Was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed?

Noank, a peaceful and picturesque town in Groton village, and Stonington, located in the southeastern part of Connecticut, bordering Rhode Island, were the primary locations for the filming. Mystic, Connecticut was one of the places. You’ll want to visit this little hamlet on the Mystic River and participate in the numerous local activities depicted in the film. The town is well known for Mystic Seaport. It is the United States’ biggest maritime museum and home to numerous historic ships. Esker Point Beach near Groton, Connecticut was another location. The shots at the fair were filmed on the Noank Town Dock, and Carson’s Store is the Sand Dollar Café.

Where Was Sand Dollar Cove Filmed
Stonington, Connecticut

The filmmakers also shot sequences at the historic Morgan Point Lighthouse in Noank, on the west side of the Mystic River’s mouth, according to Hartford’s CBS-affiliated television station WFSB. A seafood restaurant named Ford’s Lobsters is where Elli and Brody meet to go for her first fishing lesson. The Summer Jamboree Fundraiser sequence was shot at the Latham Chester Store Museum in Noank’s town pier. So, in this article, we have compiled some notable sites. After you have finished viewing them on your displays, you may go explore all of these locations. The film has already had its premiere and has made a sizable profit.

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