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Kingdoms Of The Dump: Release Date & Plot Details

Kingdoms Of The Dump
Kingdoms Of The Dump

Roach Games is working on Kingdoms of the Dump, an upcoming indie role-playing video game. EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI are just a few of the legendary 16-bit JRPGs that have influenced the game. Kingdoms of the Dump is a game about two real-life janitors who constructed a planet of rubbish. We’ve integrated adventure and platforming ideas as well as current design improvements to the genre while keeping the feel of the 90s JRPG. Garbagia’s King has been trash-picked! Dustin Binsley, a disgraced squire, is accused of kidnapping and must embark on a journey to redeem his name. Cross the Lands of Fill, find hidden mysteries among the garbage, and reveal the wicked group attempting to destroy the Dump Kingdoms!

The game’s development was first funded entirely out of pocket, with the creators working full-time as custodians, which led to the game’s garbage-themed theme. In July 2019, the creators started a Kickstarter effort to raise funds, and as a result of its success, they are now aiming for an October 2022 release. The game will be available on Steam or as a DRM-free download for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Kingdom of the Dump Release Date

Kingdoms of the Dump was started in 2016 by Roach Games, which is made up of the pseudonymous founders’ Roach and Everdredd. Roach had spent several years working on Eagleland, an Earthbound fangame, before canceling it and creating a new team to focus on a fresh IP. Roach and Everdredd are both full-time caregivers who funded the game’s development themselves until July 2019, when they launched a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign, which began on July 15, 2019, with a goal of $60,000 and was successfully funded, ended with a total donation count of $76,560.

Kingdoms Of The Dump

Kingdoms Of The Dump

The Kingdoms of the Dump is being created with a Godot version 2.1 game engine. Roach has stated that the game would support controllers. The game will be available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux through Steam or a DRM-free copy in October 2022; Roach has confirmed that the game will not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.


Roach was influenced by several Super Nintendo role-playing titles, including EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, and Final Fantasy VI, among others.  The game’s theme was also influenced by Roach and Everdredd’s custodial occupations. DM404 created the game’s graphics with a combination of Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, and GraphicsGale.

The game’s soundtrack is largely created by Bobby Ghostly, with music engineering handled by guest composer William Kage utilizing SNES sound fonts. Following the Kickstarter campaign towards the end of 2010, composer Hiroki Kikuta will also compose a guest track for the music of this game.

Plot and Gameplay

The game takes place in the “Lands of Fill,” which are divided into five and a half kingdoms. The monarch of one of the countries, Garbagia, has been “trash picked,” and Dustin Binsley, a disgraced squire, is accused. To save the King, clear his name, and uncover the nefarious organization attempting to destroy the kingdoms, he must embark on a quest across the kingdoms of the Lands of Fill. Dustin, the garbage knight, is accompanied on his quest by Ratavia, a library, Walker Jacket, a poet, Cerulean, the laundromancer, and Musk, the master of disguise. Along the way, Dustin and his companions must stop the Toxic Grimelin Army and keep the Lands of Fill from going to war.

Kingdoms of the dump

Kingdoms Of The Dump

Kingdoms of the Dump is an action-adventure role-playing game with platforming elements. The player controls one character on the field but may swap between up to six characters at any time; each character has a distinct skill that the player can utilize to explore the area, solve puzzles, and progress. Exploration of towns and dungeons relies heavily on platforming and elevation in general. Players approach enemies on the field and enter a separate battle screen rather than engaging in random battles.

Players approach adversaries on the field and enter a distinct fighting screen rather than engaging in random conflicts. Kingdoms of the Dump is a turn-based fighting system that uses a 3×3 grid to let players position their group to maximize damage, dodge traps and spells, and plan.

The game is heavily influenced by several 16-bit role-playing games. Timed hits, a mechanism inspired by Super Mario RPG, are used in the fighting system. The player will be able to obtain an airship and travel over a massive global area reminiscent of Final Fantasy VI’s Mode 7. The game also employs an EarthBound-inspired “oblique” perspective, which the makers employed to assist convey depth during platforming sequences.

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