Waterboy Girlfriend Name: All About The Actress Who Played The Role

Waterboy girlfriend

In this article, I will be talking about the girlfriend of a fictional character from the film The Waterboy. Directed by Frank Coraci and written by Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler, “The Waterboy” is a 1998 American sports comedy. The title role was played by Adam Sandler. Eminently quotable football flick “The Waterboy” follows the rise of a waterboy Bobby Boucher. Initially, he is a socially clumsy person with stutter and anger issues. After being constantly abused and disrespected by the Cougars players, he is eventually fired. Bobby joins South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs, but the situation remains the same for him. The 31-year-old man cared about nothing but her old mother.

Bobby never wanted anything more than to quench the thirst of the dehydrated football players, but Coach Klein tells him to stand up for himself. Some word of wisdom unleashes a torrent of pent-up frustration and exposes his talents for tackling. Now talking about the critical acclamation, the movie did not do well, but the fandom of Adam Sandler made it a crowd-pleasing commercial success that netted over $160 million. Regarded as one of the best pieces of cinema ever produced by fans, it has a gripping and tense narrative. Mama’s Boy Bobby also had a lady in his life. Besides him, the other character that won hearts was the girlfriend of Waterboy. Many of you who have watched the film must already know about her. But for those who don’t, this article has all you need to know.

Waterboy Girlfriend name

Waterboy girlfriend
Waterboy girlfriend, Vicki Vallencourt

The girlfriend of the main lead Bobby Boucher or the waterboy in the movie, was Vicki Vallencourt. This girl, Vicki is Bobby’s childhood crush, and in the end, he alongside being a football star, gets the girl. Vallencourt has a tattoo that made her irresistible to Bobby Boucher. Vicki also happens to be a multiple-time criminal offender who has been to prison a dozen times. She was the one who gave our waterboy his first kiss and was the kind of girl who fought his battles for him. On the flip side, Bobby’s mother disapproved of her and thought that she was not the right choice for her son. Later however, she eventually took to her. The character on screen was portrayed by actress Fairuza Balk. She convincingly breathes life into the tough, punky, criminal offender girl Vicki.

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More About Waterboy’s Fairuza Balk

“We are the weirdos, mister”. Well, if you are able to recognize this dialogue from “The Craft”, then you surely reckon who Fairuza Balk is. Balk is an American actress, musician, and visual artist best known for impressively portraying complicated characters with a dark edge on the screen. She always made acting look so easy, even as Nancy Downs in the teen supernatural flick “The Craft”. Fairuza won the MTV movie award for Best Fight in 1996 and grabbed a nomination at the Saturn Award for the same. Winning an award for the best fight in a film was really a big thing for a female actor. It was after this movie that she entered the realm of mainstream Hollywood success. Her portrayal of the coven leader Nancy Downs landed her a few more intense roles in movies like American History X(1998).

Waterboy girlfriend
Fairuza Balk

Born and raised in California, the 47-year-old made her feature film debut with Disney’s “Return to Oz” back in 1985. She further went on to star in independent films like Valmont(1989), Gas Food Lodging(1992), Imaginary Crimes(1994), and The Island of Dr. Moreau(1996). Her portrayal of Shade in 1992’s American drama “Gas Food Lodging” fetched her an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. Her goth-tinged look and exemplary ability to jump between wide eyes intensity, and quiet introspection led her to the top. Moreover, she has also contributed to Television Industry and worked in 1986’s “Worst Witch”. It took some time before Balk’s name faded away from public consciousness. But she is still very much active and currently stars as Lizzie Thomas on the amazon original series Paradise City(2021).

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