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Alan Wake Remastered: Release Date, Gameplay & Story Details

Alan Wake Remastered
Alan Wake Remastered

Today’s article titled “Alan Wake Remastered Release Date, Gameplay And Details You Must Know” contains all information about the upcoming release of Alan Wake Remastered. For those who don’t know, Alan Wake is actually an action-adventure video game. It was developed by the Finnish-based video developers Remedy Entertainment and was published by Microsoft Studios. They say that the story of the game is quite similar to a thriller Tv show or movie. You will come across various unexpected twists and turns as it progresses.

The plot of the game is written by Sam Lake. The development of the game took a very long period of over five years. Compared to how quickly new games and updates are released in today’s industry, five years is actually a very long time. Upon releasing, it garnered good reviews from game critics. It was glorified for its graphics, audio, tempo, and element. In 2010, it managed to get into the list of top ten video games of the year. Keep Reading to know all about the new Alan Wake Remastered Release Date and Gameplay.

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Alan Wake Remastered Release Date

Alan Wake Remastered Release Date is on 5th October 2021 according to inverse. The date has not been officially confirmed by the developers yet. According to a September 7, 2021 announcement, the original Alan Wake is coming to the next-generation platforms as Alan Wake Remastered. The new adventure will improve a number of aspects of the original.

The remastered version of the game is going to get a multiple platform release. The game will be released in PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series S/X. For PC users, the game will be available at the Epic Games Store. The developers have stated that the remastered version will have new rendered 4K visuals.

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Alan Wake Remastered Gameplay

The game is a combination of psychological thriller and action-adventure genres. The developers have stated that the genre of the game cannot be limited to just one because it touches various aspects of different genres. The story is set in the pleasant, peaceful, and small town of Bright Falls, Washington. The gameplay is set across various regions of this town, from a forest to even a national park.

Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake video game

The players have control over the main character Alan Wake after whom the game is named. The humans, animals, and objects get possessed by certain darkness called the taken. This darkness belongs to the enemies which attack deadly shadows, and they use various weapons. These weapons may include mallets, knives, shovels, and chainsaws. Each of them has different characteristics. Some are faster than the others, some can take more damage and are larger, but all of these can teleport between short distances.

Taking down “the Taken” is a rather tough job. To lay any kind of attack on them, they should first be exposed to the light. Taken is not the only enemy you will come across in Alan Wake Remastered. The player must fend off a group of possessed ravens and animated objects. To expose the enemy to light, Wake can carry any kind of handled lights, and their power and brightness can be boosted at the expense of the battery running out faster. Since taking down the enemy requires light, the player is often required to use spots with natural lights. They can also yield light-based weapons and objects.

Story of the Game

The protagonist of the game is Alan Wake, who is actually an author but is undergoing a case of creative slowdown. Along with his wife, he travels to the small and pleasant town of Bright Falls, Washington. It is their friend and agent Barry Wheeler who suggests the idea of a vacation to the couple. The nights before the trip, Alan has a dream of shadowy lethal figures that spread darkness, but someone appears and teaches him how to use the light to ward off these creatures.

Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered

When they reach Bright falls, Alan heads to get the key to their cabin from the owner Carl Stucky. But there he meets an old woman who says that Stucky is sick and he has given her the keys. They are directed to a cabin in the middle of Cauldron Lake, a volcanic crater lake. A series of events unfold, and Alan’s wife is taken away. The story follows his journey in which he tries to solve the mystery behind his wife’s disappearance. That is all about Alan Wake Remastered Release Date, Gameplay, And Details You Must Know.

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