“Candy” Web Series: Release Date, Cast & Preview

Candy web series
Candy web series

Candy, a crime thriller, had been released on September 8, 2021. So, if you somehow missed the release date, don’t fret; it has just been launched. It’s available to watch on Voot. Until then, I’ll give you a rundown of the Web series. Candy is a murder mystery set against the backdrop of a beautiful alpine setting. This Voot Select drama, starring Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha, aims to combine a conventional crime drama with a touch of humor. It’s a crime thriller with the potential to build an intriguing plot, but some viewers may be turned off by the over-the-top drama. The series has received mixed reviews, but since it was only released one day prior, we should wait for it to reach a bigger audience. I’m hoping that by providing the “Candy Web Series” release date and details, I’ll be able to persuade you all to binge-watch it.

After failing to make an impression in the OTT arena after Asus, Voot is back with a web series. It looks promising and claims to be full of twists and turns. The web series was shot in Nainital a few months ago, and it’s now set to be released on the Voot app for subscribers. The Candy Web Series is about the hidden mysteries of Rudra Kund, a lovely hamlet. Many murders and mysterious cases have occurred in Rudra Kund. Richa is a police officer, and Ronit is a teacher. They both go on to investigate and unravel the mysteries of Rudra Kund’s city. There is crime, drama, and thrill, and the spirit of Nainital adds to the beauty of the scene.

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Candy: Release Date And Cast Updates

Candy was released on Voot for its fans on October 8, 2021.  The Candy web series is a Hindi-language thriller set in India. Ronit Roy, Richa Chadha, Manu Rishi Chadha, Gopal Datt Tiwari, Nakul Sahdev, and Riddhi Kumar appear in the film, which also features other supporting actors. Ashish R. Shukla is the director of this web series. In Addition, Vipul D Shah, Ashwin Varde, and Rajesh Bahl are among the producers. The series consists of eight episodes and does not conclude since there are still some mysteries at the conclusion.

Candy Web Series
Ronit Roy And Richa Chadha

When it comes to performances, Ronit Roy excels as master Jayant Parekh. Ratna Sankhwar, played by Richa Chadha, is a force to be reckoned with. Her role progresses from corruption to repentance, and she does an excellent job of convincingly portraying a cop. With their different performances, Manu Rishi Chadha and Riddhi Kumar also make an impression.

Candy Web Series: The Synopsis

The chapter starts with the assassination of Mehul Awasthi (Mihir Ahuja). He was a student at an elite boarding school whose corpse was discovered hanging on a tree in a forest following a spying attempt to track down the source of narcotics known as ‘Candy’ given to his peers. Masaan, a masked serial killer who lives in the woods, is accused of his murder. Mehul’s death, along with the abduction of his classmate Kalki Rawat (Riddhi Kumar), throws the community into chaos. Their instructor and mentor, Jayant Parekh (Ronit Bose Roy), who had lost his daughter studying at the same school a few years earlier, stirs up the literal hornet’s nest to solve the riddle. Overall, Candy is a spy thriller that gently presents well-layered characters. The show’s conclusion also hints at a second season, which will be packed with more mystery, potentially with Masaan retaking control of the town.

Candy Web Series
Candy Web Series

Candy is a thriller set in a North Indian hill station that combines suspense, terror, hope, politics, ambition, and a murder mystery. If you enjoy stuff like this, where a murder occurs in a matter of minutes and the issue of who the culprit is, then you’ll love “candy”.The entire series goes at its speed, and the suspense of the conclusion adds to the overall enjoyment. The series is unique in that another suspense is also present in the suspense. Isn’t it incredible? So, how long are you going to wait? Go ahead and enjoy it on your displays.

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