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Is Owen Cheating On Cristina? All About Their Relationship

Is Owen Cheating on Cristina
Owen and Cristina

In today’s article, we will be discussing if Owen is Cheating on Cristina. Owen and Cristina are fictional characters in the American drama series called Grey’s Anatomy. The show premiered on 27th March 2005 and has been running for seventeen seasons. The medical drama has been nominated for many awards and has won a considerable number of them. The American network ABC is the channel in which the show runs. The main focus of the series in the lives of medical professionals and what they undergo on a day-to-day basis.

The creator of the popular medical drama Greys Anatomy is Shonda Rhimes. The original story followed the life of Dr. Meridith Grey, who was a medical intern at the beginning. As the show progresses, we see Meridith rise in the ranks to become a chief surgeon. The character of Meridith Grey in the series is played by the American actress Ellen Pompeo. The show has become the longest-running primetime series, with it being renewed for an eighteenth season. The new season is all set to air on 30th September 2021. Due to the show’s huge success, in the year 2013, many among the main cast were the highest-earning actors during that year. Keep Reading to find out the answer to “Is Owen Cheating on Cristina?”

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Who are Owen and Cristina?

In the show, Owen Hunt is the head of trauma at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He also happens to be the previous Chief of Surgery. The character of Owen Hunt in the show is portrayed by the Scottish actor Kevin McKidd. On the other hand, his love interest, Christina Yang is a researcher at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research, as well as its Chief Medical Officer and Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery. Her character is portrayed by Canadian actress Sandra Oh in the series.

owen and cristina

Owen and Cristina

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Owen and Cristina Relationship Timeline

Cristina and Owen formed an instant connection when Owen first came to Seattle Grace. Cristina was also admitted to the hospital after she slipped and was injured with an icicle. Later, Owen kissed her after pulling it out. After a brief absence, he returned, and Cristina and Owen started dating. The first sign that Cristina started noticing was Owen’s recurrent nightmares accompanied by the spinning blades of the ceiling fan. This is what he last saw before going to sleep.

Is Owen Cheating on Cristina

Owen and Cristina

Owen almost strangled Cristina to death while he was asleep. Callie awoke simultaneously with Owen after hearing the noise. Later, it was revealed that Owen was trying to save himself during his nightmare. In his grief and fear that he might do something similar to her again, Owen immediately wanted to break up with Cristina. Cristiana objected, saying that she understood why he did what he did. But later, after having sex for the first time, Cristina was not able to handle it, causing the relationship to end.

As a result of a hospital shooting, Owen is wounded, attracting Cristina’s sympathy, thereby re-establishing their relationship. Owen and Cristina decide to marry one another shortly after their reconciliation due to the emotional repercussions of the shooting crisis. Cristina’s friends worry that Owen is using her PTSD against her to pressure her into marriage, which she had previously decided not to do. The two break up after Cristina discovers she is pregnant with Owen’s baby, and Owen objects to Cristina aborting the child. Among Owen’s most recurrent conflicts are his desires for children and a conventional wife and Cristina’s adamant belief that she does not want to have children.

Is Owen Cheating on Cristina?

Owen and Cristina decide to go to couple’s therapy after experiencing some relationship troubles. However, all they ended up doing was yelling at each other over their flaws and what had happened. As a result, they are back in the same situation. Owen then slept with a patient’s friend, a woman he met at the hospital. Cristina was initially unaware that he was sleeping with someone, but her hunch suggested otherwise. She suspected he was cheating on her with Emily after she failed to find any evidence, so she told him they needed to talk. Having loved her for so long, even though it hurt to love her, he said he did cheat on her, but not with Emily.

After ignoring him for days, Cristina displayed her anger by tossing her cereal bowl into his face when she finally started talking to him. As Cristina was curious about the cheating, they stayed at home, presuming to have the flu. In order not to hurt her, he did not want to talk about it, but she insisted that he do so. Eventually, Owen admitted to doing it to hurt Cristina back for the abortion. Hope that answers the question ” Is Owen Cheating on Cristina?”

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