Indian Cricket’s latest feud: Boria Majumdar and Wriddhiman Saha controversy

Wriddhiman Saha shared his accusations of a well-known Indian journalist on Twitter

The Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) recently carried out an internal investigation. It was based on accusations made by senior Indian cricketer Wriddhiman Saha upon receiving tormenting texts from a well-known journalist. Following the study, the BCCI banned Boria Majumdar for two years, the journalist in question. The ban prohibits him from official interviews with registered players and from having access to stadiums. Furthermore, Majumdar will be denied any media accreditations until serving his ban. The matter kick-started on February the 19th, when Wriddhiman Saha tweeted screenshots of his Whatsapp chats with a ‘Respected’ journalist. This led to the beginning of the Boria Majumdar and Wriddhiman Saha controversy.

In that tweet, he expressed his disappointment over the behavior of Majumdar towards him regarding an interview. The BCCI was quick to respond and took the matter into their hands. They formed a three-member committee of BCCI vice-president Rajeev Shukla, treasurer Arun Dhumal, and councilor Prabhtej Singh Bhatia to carry out the necessary procedures.

India international Wriddhiman Saha (left) and well-known journalist Boria Majumdar.

The prime roles in this matter, Majumdar and Saha, both hold from West Bengal. Working in the same sports industry, they had prior acquaintance. Hence, considering the ‘bullying’ accusations in this controversy of Wriddhiman Saha and Boria Majumdar, the latter tweeted a video of his own regarding the issue. He appealed to the BCCI for a ‘fair hearing in this elaborate video.’ Furthermore, he suggested taking legal action against his friend of 12-years. He further accused Saha of tampering with the chats before putting it out on Twitter. He labeled it manipulative and that he had played the ‘perfect victim card.’

The verdict

The three-member BCCI committee gave its verdict on May the 3rd.

As per further reports, both the parties had their hearings in front of the assigned committee of the Boria Majumdar and Wriddhiman Saha controversy. Wriddhiman Saha had his hearing on 5th March, while Boria Majumder had his dates on the 11th. Based on the hearings, the BCCI eventually presented their verdict on 3rd May and handed Majumdar a ban of two years with the following sanctions in place:

  1. Ban of 2 years from receiving any accreditation as a member of the press in any match (domestic or international) held in India.
  2. Ban of 2 years from conducting interviews with any India registered players.
  3. Ban of 2 years from having any access to cricket facilities owned by the BCCI or any member association.

It is being said that the BCCI has come to this conclusion with an eye on the future. The board “feels that the sanctions mentioned above will create a precedent and going forward the cricketers will not be subjected to harassment by journalists.”

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