The Ellen DeGeneres Show Airs Final Episode

The Ellen DeGeneres Show aired its final episode on the 26th of May. It was the show’s 19th season. DeGeneres herself created this daytime talk show. It began in the year 2003. By the by, she also serves as the host of the show. She announced the end of her show back in 2019. At that time, she had confirmed that she’d not be extending her contract with the show. She cited her instincts behind this decision. 

The 64-year-old was visibly in tears during the last episode. DeGeneres had her close friend Jennifer Aniston as a guest in it. Notably, Aniston was the very first guest on the show. Furthermore, Billie Eilish and Pink were the other guests.

The show was known for its light-hearted approach. It aimed to spread the value of being kind. The show had special guests for every episode. Be it the U.S. President or movie stars. All have appeared. 

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show final episode recap

The shooting for the show was completed a month ago. However, it was aired only on Thursday. The episode was an emotional one for the host. She has won numerous Emmy awards as a host of this show. Moreover, she has made very close acquaintances with the guests appearing on the show. One of the closest ones happens to be Jennifer Aniston. Aniston was the first guest to appear on the show back in 2003. She was also present on the night to mark her 20th appearance

Jennifer Aniston is one of her 20 appearances in the show.

The show started with DeGeneres talking about the initial days of her program. She explained the struggles she had to face. Eventually, she went up to the audience and danced with them for one last time. It is her trademark move to begin her show. After that, her highlights from the show made the screen.

Billie Eilish was the second guest on the final episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She first appeared on it in 2018. Lastly, Pink rounded off the guest list. Notably, she is the maker of the show’s theme song.

What next for Ellen?

DeGeneres with her wife, Portia de Rossi.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show has officially aired its final episode. However, the fans are eager to know what’s next for the charismatic host. As of now, nothing has come to light regarding DeGeneres’ next step. But, she did hint about working with Netflix in the future. 

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