The Iconic KK Is No More, Singer Passes Away After A Kolkata Concert

Singer Krishnakumar Kunnath was popularly known as KK.

Eminent singer KK is no more. He passed away aged 53. After a concert in Kolkata last night, he felt ill. He leaves behind his wife and two kids.

The news sent shockwaves across India. He was very popular for his craft. 

Notably, he was called the voice of the youth. Besides, he was also a humble person. His simple nature earned him plenty of plaudits. 

The singer was on a two-day tour in Kolkata. There, a cardiac arrest led to his death. He performed last night at a college fest in the city. The heat there is very high currently. The singer was visibly sweating profusely during the event.

Moreover, a large number of people turned out at the show. It was packed beyond its capacity. This situation resulted in a tough to breathe environment. 

After the show, he traveled 10kms to his hotel. There the management was made aware of his trouble breathing. Subsequently, his team members took him to the hospital. However, he was declared dead on arrival. Notably, the 53-year-old fell down from his chair in his hotel room. It also resulted in a blow to the head.

Now that KK is no more, his fans are pouring in their condolences. His family arrived in Kolkata this morning.

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KK is no more: The icon at a glance!

KK defined an entire generation of youth. Born in Delhi, he soon moved to Mumbai at the start of his career. His peak was during the 2000s to 2010s. He has sung in various languages over the years. However, he made his name through Hindi songs. He has over 500 Hindi songs to his name. 

KK was adored by his fans and music lovers alike.

The artist is no more, but his music will live for ages. That’s the legacy he leaves behind. His songs resonated with the feelings of an entire generation. Also, he was famous for his versatility. 

Some of his loved songs include ‘Pyaar Ke Pal‘. It was from his debut album, ‘Pal’. It remains the last song that he sang in public. Besides, the album still makes the playlist of many. It will remain his magnum opus.

The reaction to KK’s death

The news that KK’s death spread like fire. He was one of the most revered artists in the country. The entire industry shared their grief on social media. Furthermore, the PM of India also tweeted about this loss.

Vishal Dadlani was a close associate of the singer.

KK’s close friend Vishal Dadlani said that he could not stop his tears. Also, netizens are sharing the impact of his songs in their lives.