Who Was Angelo Moriondo?

Who Was Angelo Moriondo
Angelo Moriondo

Those who love coffee should know who Angelo Moriondo was. Well, if you love coffee and it keeps you going at work, we are here to tell you about the godfather of espresso machines. It is Angelo Moriondo. He was a very famous Italian inventor and businessman. Angelo had a strong business background which helped him invent the machine and sell it.

We all know how coffee makes us work more and sleep less, and thank god for hours we invested in work because of it. Coming back to Angelo, he was born on June 6, 1851, in Italy. He is known as the first man to invent a patented espresso machine we all use. Even Google is paying respect to the man on his birthday, saying his birthday is the day when coffee lovers sip in tribute to the godfather of espresso machines. Now, let us get into more details about who Angelo Moriondo was and how he invented the machine.

Who Was The Godfather of Espresso Machines?

Angelo Moriondo was a famous Italian inventor. He is often credited with inventing the very first espresso machine in the world. Angelo invented the very useful machine in 1884, a long time ago! He came from a long line of business owners, which explains why he was so keen to make machines.

Who was Angelo Moriondo
Angelo Moriondo and a coffee machine

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Angelo’s grandparents started a liquor business, which was then carried forward by his father. His father’s name was Giacomo, who co-founded the well-known chocolate company ‘Moriondo and Garigilo’, with his brother Agostino and a cousin Garigilo. Later on, Angelo followed in his father’s footsteps and bought two businesses. These were the Grand Hotel Ligure in Piazza Carlo, Felice, and the American Bar in Via Roma’s Galleria Nazionale.

How Did Angelo Moriondo Invent The Espresso Machine?

Angelo displayed his invention at the 1884 Turin General Expo, where he earned a bronze medal. Now, to make coffee, his system used a combination of steam and boiling water. Coffee used to be very popular in Italy during the time of Moriondo. Those who enjoyed coffee were, however, inconvenienced by the fact that they had to wait a long time for the coffee to boil. So, Angelo came to the rescue.

A massive boiler pimped heated water through a bed of coffee grinds, while a second boiler created steam. After that, the boiler flashed the bed of coffee, completing the brew. After being registered in Paris on October 23, 1885, the innovation was approved by an international patent application. Angelo continued to enhance his coffee machine over the years, and it was a very significant change each time. He also patented each change. Thank you, Angelo!