NBA Finals “Boston vs Golden State Warrior” Game 3- Recap

NBA Finals Game 3, Feature

NBA Finals are in full swing, and Game 3 was no less than a roller coaster ride. The Celtics bagging the win gives them a 2-1 lead in the seven-game series. Jason Taytum and Jaden Brown led for the Celtics while Stephen Curry tried his best to stop the green machine. New England’s most prominent sports arena, TD Garden, hosted the NBA finals after a long 12 years gap. The hosts seemed in delicate touch, and the entire home crowd seemed behind them. The atmosphere was electrifying, and it promised to be an exciting matchup, and boy, it sure delivered. Before game 3, the seven-match series was tied 1-1, thus a crucial match to take the lead. Celtics now lead the series and have a psychological edge over the Warriors, with game four beginning in two days. Game 4 will be held at the TD Sports Arena.

Boston Celtics won game 3 with a score of 116-100. A 16-point margin which is not considered a close match, was way more intimate than it looks. With defeat in game 2, Boston was determined to return to winning ways, whereas the Warriors looked to continue the winning streak. A hard-fought battle coming down to close-quarter wins for Boston saw them taking home the match.

This article will provide quarter-by-quarter updates on how game 3 of the seven-match series unfolded.

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Quater- 1, Game 3

Quarter 1, Game 3

Celtics started the quarter with a band, Jaylen Brown leading the scoring charts. Out of his total 27 points in the game, he had a massive 17-point first quarter. Jason Taytum was seen struggling initially, but he soon found his feet and hit the ground running. Boston ended the first with a 33-22 lead against the Warriors, who were seen struggling to find their rhythm. This 11- point lead already put the Golden States on the backfoot while going into the second.

Quarter-2, NBA Finals

With Jaylen doing the bulk of the scoring in the first quarter, he only managed 10 points from the remaining three quarters. This is where Marcus Smart and Tatum stepped in. Furthermore, they did not let the Warriors have any significant impact in the second. Worst was Draymond Green, who could only manage 2 points in the entire 48- minutes showdown. Marcus and Jason were both dropping threes, entering the paint, and were getting those free throws. The Celtics had the upper hand in the entire first half and closed it with 68-56 going into the third. The 2nd quarter was a high-scoring encounter, with Boston managing 35 and the Warriors scoring 34. It looked like Curry and Klay had found their hoops.

Quarter-3, Second Half of Game 3

Stephen Curry Quarter 3

After the break, the crowd expected a clear-cut victory for the home team. However, the game took a massive turn. The Warriors managed to cut back the lead with a solid performance in the third. They were led by the ‘Splash-bros’ duo of Curry and Thompson. This gave flashbacks of game 2, where the Celtics gave away the lead and the match in the third quarter. The Golden States looked like a different team post-break and dominated the home team entirely. The quarter went 33-25 in favor of the Warriors, cutting the lead to just 5.

Quarter-4, NBA Finals

The last quarter was full of tension and extreme nerves. With only a five-point lead remaining, the Celtics started very carefully, taking the total time of the ball possession. Overall, it was a low-scoring quarter, and the Celtics managed to stay ahead. They closed the match with a comfortable margin and ended the quarter with a score of 23-11 in their favor.

Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Jason Tatum combined for 77 points in this match. They are also the trio to score 20+ points in the exact match. With a 2-1 lead, Boston will take on the Warriors for game four on Friday, ET.