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Squid Game Season 1: Ending Explained

Squid Game Season 1 Ending Explained Feature

Squid Game season 1 ending was no less than a revelation. It has left many of us in complete shock or awe, whatever you feel like calling. I never thought all our childhood games would be played so that it would completely change the outcome of our thought process. The first season takes us through the stories of 456 cash-strapped contestants competing against each other for a considerable sum. They are up against each playing all those childhood games, and if they lose, their penalty is death. YES, DEATH!! There is no compensation in that regard. The series shows contestants getting killed as the competition moves further. This calls for an exciting situation in the series.

Squid Games, in general, showcased themes of Poverty, Greed, and Capitalism. It highlights how some people living in big cities among rich people still suffer from the bad realities of life. All these circumstances have forced them to be a part of the show. A show where they are ready to give up their lives in return for a huge amount of money, $38 million to be precise. This show is about who survives and loses in the bid to win significant—survival of the finest, the bravest among all the other contestants.

Let’s get to the breakdown of season 1.

Squid Game: Ending Explained

Throughout the competition, three contestants remain fighting for that massive cash prize. Gi-Hun, Sae-Byeok, and Sang-Woo. By this time of the competition, Gi-Hun has developed feelings for Sae-Byeok, but Sang-Woo doesn’t seem to care about it. He is all to win the game no matter what. When the three of them are left, a celebratory dinner is organized, where they are seen feasting on steak.

Squid Game-Ending Explained

However, a steak knife is left for them at a table. With many thoughts running through his mind, Sang-Woo decides to kill Sae-Byeok in the dark with that knife to eliminate one more contestant. Already suffering from multiple injuries because of the previous game, Sae-Byeok dies when Sang-Woo Stabs her. This leaves the childhood buddies going into the finale.

The final game is the game of chickens, where the contestants try to hop within the squid-like diagram into the opponent’s home base. Into the game, Gi-Hun, who is already angry because of the earlier events, manages to take advantage of the game. But even in this position, he becomes hesitant about killing his friend and decides to forfeit. Sang-Woo, by this time, is disturbed, mentally as well, and stabs himself in the neck. While dying, he requests Gi-Hun to take care of his ailing mother and dies. Gi-Hun is declared the winner of Squid Game.

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What Happens After The Competition: Squid Game

After winning, Gi-Hun is taken to the real world, and Front Man is with him. He reveals that he is the missing brother of Detective Hwang and was the 28th winner of the Squid Game. The Detective managed to infiltrate the island and wanted to report the killings to the authority. Front Man further added that in a face-off with his brother, he shot him and fell off the island. Whether the Detective is alive or not remains a mystery.

When Gi-Hun returns home, he finds that his mother has died. His daughter, ex-wife, and her current husband are leaving for the US. He wants to meet his daughter before she goes but also has a task. He takes care of Sae-Byeok’s brother and keeps him with Sang-Woo’s mother, giving half his winnings. He receives a card from a neighborhood and goes to visit the place. It is a hospital where he finds the older man who participated with him and had a good bond with is alive. However, the revelation is yet to come.

Squid Game Old Man

Furthermore, the older man reveals that he was the creator of Squid Game along with his friends when they were young. They started it as a source of entertainment, but it became serious later. But the brain tumor thing the older man mentioned earlier was true, and he departed his body, leaving Gi-Hun alone again.

Last Scene- Squid Game Season 1

The last scene of the season is where Gi-hun departs for the airport. He is about to catch his flight but gets a call. It is the agent asking him for his address, his name, and birthdate. Angry about all that is happening, he mentions things about the cruelty of the games. However, the Front Man quickly intercepts the call asking Gi-Hun to board the plane and not say anything related to the game. Gi-Hun looks fed up with all this and doesn’t board the aircraft. He turns back and leaves the airport.

Such an ending can only signal one thing, Gi-Hun and Squid Game are not going anywhere soon. Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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