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Know About The Effects If TitkTok Ban In USA Happens: Every Bit Of Detail Here

TikTok Ban

TikTok is one of the most famous Short-Form video hosting platforms. ByteDance is a Chinese company that owns TikTok. It hosts a variety of short-form videos from several genres like pranks, jokes, and stunts. Moreover, it also features genres like dance, entertainment, music, education, and many more. Firstly, ByteDance released TikTok in September 2016 in China. Afterward, Byte Dance launched it on iOS and Android in 2017.

On top of that, TikTok became the most downloaded app in the USA in October 2018. However, Brendan Carr has asked Apple and Google to consider banning TikTok. Brendan Carr is a commissioner with US Federal Communications Commission. After the news got out, Creators and Users of TikTok started reacting to it. Let’s discuss the details of the effects of the Tiktok Ban in the USA happens. What if the USA bans Tiktok?

What If TikTok Get Banned In the USA?

TikTok Ban

CC: HT Tech

TikTok has more than 1 billion users. On the other hand, it is accessible in over 150 countries. But on top of that, it has been downloaded more than 200 million times in the United States. It has become one of the best target markets for businesses in the USA. If the target audience is between the 16-30 age group, TikTok is what enterprises prefer.

The biggest question is, “What if TikTok ban in the USA?” What will happen if the USA bans TikTok? Let’s discuss some statistics to understand the scenario better.

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  • TikTok has roughly 80 million monthly active users in the US.
  • 60% of the userbase is female, and 40% is male.
  • 60% of the users are between the age group of 16-24.
  • 26% of the userbase are between the age group of 25-44
  • 80% of the current userbase are between the age group of 16-34.

Above all, the point here is TikTok is the provider of all these data.

Moreover, Fortune Magazine posted a report on Seth Kean online. Seth Kean is the CEO of ROI Influencer. It is a New York City company. This company measures engagement and sell-through across social media platforms. According to Seth Kean, “For every million dollars that brands spend on influencer marketing on TikTok, they’re seeing $7.2 million in sales over the first 90 days”. If any company invests a million dollars in influencer marketing on TikTok, it will see a sale of $7.2 million in the first 90 days. So now, what is the conclusion of these statistics and data? What will be the effects if TikTok Ban in the USA happens?


The first general conclusion is that ByteDance will face a heavy l ss. Also, the share value of TikTok will go into d ep. Now another decision is that most Businesses will lose one of their best target marks. On top of that, these profits for the business go directly to the US Econ my. That implies it will somehow affect the US economy. But it will undoubtedly affect the companies in the United States. On the other hand, most of the userbase on TikTok earns from it. So Titok will affect the userbase in a million ways if the USA bans Tiktok

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