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Lena Headey Under Controversy For Her Role In Thor Love and Thunder

Lena Headey is in a controversy! You might recognize the actress Lena Heady from the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. She played Cersei Lannister’s role, earning her many Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. She is recently in the news because of her role in the recently released movie Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie recently hit the US theatres on 7th July and is already being hailed as a hit movie. Well, being a Marvel movie, no surprise there.

But that is not the sole reason that the movie star is trending. A UK agency is suing Lena Heady for not paying some commission fees she owes to the agency.

Lena Headey Controversy: What Is The Agency Issue?

Troika is a firm that YMU bought over and is suing Lena Heady leading to the controversy. According to various court statements, Heady has been with the agency for over 17 years, with Michael Duff representing her. It is reported that the actress owes the agency $500k – that’s 7% of her fee. The agency has come forward to sue the actress for the non-payment of her commission legally.

lena heady

After further reports, she is not just liable for payment for the Thor: Love and Thunder, but 9 Bullets ($300k) and the pilot for Showtime’s remake of Rita ($650,000) too. The actress is being sued for all the movies now.

Lena Heady’s Reaction To The Controversy

According to the Game of Thrones actor, she was never in a legal agreement with the agency. It was always an oral agreement with the representative Duff. The actress had other agencies like US firm CAA representing her. It is now also being said that actress doesn’t even have a role in the final version of the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, which would make the agency’s claims null and void.

lena heady controversy

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Regarding the next two movies, Heady claimed that the agency was not involved in securing her role in the movie 9 Bullets. And for the pilot episode of Rita, Heady paid the agency $22,750 of her $325,000 fee.

There is no official statement from the agency after the actress’s claims. But we will be right here to provide details on all the controversy regarding the actress. Stay tuned to theartistree for more updates on the entertainment sector!



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