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Godfather Co-Star Gianni Russo Talks About James Caan

With the demise of James Cann, the Hollywood fraternity is reminiscing about the actor. And recently, one of his co-stars from The Godfather opened up about the actor too. Known for playing the role of Carlo Rizzi in “The Godfather,” Gianni Russo revealed that he had no touch with co-star James Cann after the filming was over or even before that. He claimed that during the casting for the 1999 football drama “Any Given Sunday,” the actor Gianni Russo received a call from Cann’agency.

Gianni Russo Revealed Tha James Cann Was Rude

Talking about the late actor, Gianni Russo told the AL Pacino-led flick, what the agent once told him. According to his agent, James was meant for the role and would be great in this movie. He’s a great sports buff. While Russo agreed with his agent, he still wouldn’t cast James in any of his projects because he was rude to him.

Russo also claimed that from the first “Godfather” rehearsal at Patsy’s restaurant, Caan, who played the role of Sonny Corleone, the character’s brother-in-law, was unfriendly to him during the shoot. Gianni Russo is an actor and singer. He is best know for his role as Carlo Rizzi in the film “The Godfather”.

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James Cann, The Legend Died At 82

James Caan died on 6 July. Sharing the news with the world through Cann’s social media accounts, the late actor’s family asked for respect and privacy for the actor and themselves.

James Cann

James Cann was an American actor known for his film and television performances. He was nominated for several awards, including Academy Awards, Two Primetime awards, and four golden globe awards. His most famous roles are in “The Godfather, Misery, and Elf. He previously married four-time: First to Dee Jay Mattis and then to Sheila Ryan. He then married Ingrid Hajek and later he married Linda Stokes. James has three sons- Scott, James, Jacob, and Alexander and one daughter Tara.

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