Solo Levelling Illustrator, Jang Sung Rak

Jang Sung Rak, Solo Levelling Illustrator, Is Dead

Solo Levelling Illustrator, Jang Sung Rak, Is no more. Fans of webcomics and manga are saddened by the news of the demise of the cherished artist Dubu, also known as Jang-Sung Rak, a solo Leveling artist who passed away. Redice Studio, the Webtoon adaption business where the artist worked, made the news of Dubu’s passing. According to Redice’s statement, the renowned illustrator suffered from an undisclosed chronic condition. Jang Sung Rak passed away on July 23 due to a brain hemorrhage. A private funeral service, which Dubu’s family and close friends attended, has already been held. The studio thanked readers for supporting Jang-Sung Rak and said the writer cherished his readers and work.

Who Was Jang Sung Rak?

Illustrator Jang Sung Rak aka Dubu, started his career by working in different manga and manhwa, like the manga adaptation of Space Dandy and the original series Beautiful Legends. The artist’s studio, Redice, was frequently the only name listed on the artwork. However, Dubu’s biggest success came in 2018, when he began creating the webtoon version of Solo Leveling, a web novel series by author Chu-gong. Dubu’s work is credited with making the Solo Leveling webcomic a huge success on a global scale, thanks to its attractive visuals and energetic action.

Solo Levelling Illustrator, Jang Sung Rak

More About Jang Sung Rak’s Amazing Creation: Solo Levelling!

The solo leveling webtoon finished its record-setting run in December 2021 with its 179th and final chapter publication. In a world where humanity is in danger because of constant attacks by deadly monsters by professional warriors known as hunters, Solo Leveling was used to tell the story of Sung Jinwoo, a man who has the character of being the weakest and most useless hunter. Things change for Jinwoo when he finds a system program that allows him to increase his abilities beyond what was previously thought possible.

A-1 Productions and Crunchyroll are now working on an anime version of Chu-gong and Dubu’s work. Dubu expressed his delight at seeing his work animated following the anime’s official announcement at this year’s Anime Expo. “Solo Leveling is now officially debuting on anime. We recently received an offer for the anime adaptation, yet it seems like yesterday. The artist stated that I feel completely overwhelmed when considering that the anime is being developed now. “All of this is a result of your love and support for Solo Leveling, fans. I’m overjoyed with thanks.

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