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Is The Tragic Tale Of Stacy In ‘No One Would Tell’ Based On A True Story?

Is the tragic tale of Stacy in 'No one would tell' based on a true story?

‘No One Would Tell’ depicts the friendship between popular wrestler Bobby Tennison (Fred Savage), who is two years senior to introverted 16-year-old Stacy Collins (Cameron Bure). Bobby’s interest in Stacy surprises her, and she is too charmed to see the warning signs when, after just a few weeks of dating, he starts to act possessively.

When she wears a skirt to school one day, he starts to isolate her from her friends and family and makes her wear a pair of his sweatpants. His abusive relationship with Stacy is based on a true story involving Jamie Fuller and Amy Carnevale, in which he was dating Amy Carnevale and was violent to her.

When he later discovered that she was talking to other men who were her classmates, he became outraged and drove her to a forest, where he stabbed her in the stomach before killing her by slitting her throat and was later jailed.

Is the tragic tale of Stacy in 'No one would tell' based on a true story?

Jamie called Amy on August 23, 1991. He lured Amy to meet with him by pretending to give him a haircut because he knew she liked to style and trim hair. After Jamie kept nagging her to meet with him, Amy finally gave in. Jamie persuaded some of his buddies to join him in his plan to assassinate Amy. One of the boys said to Jamie, “You don’t have the balls to do it.” To which Jamie replied, “You’ll see.”

What Happened To The Real Stacy From No One Would Tell?

Is the tragic tale of Stacy in 'No one would tell' based on a true story?

In this scene, Bobby is shown getting jealous of Stacy’s picture with another guy.

Amy Carnevale was a 14-year-old girl. Those who knew her described her as sweet, compassionate, considerate, and endowed with the capacity to recognize the good in everyone. When Amy grew up, she wanted to work as a hairstylist. Amy, a cheerleader at Beverly High who was attractive and outgoing, fell hard and quickly for Jamie Fuller,  sixteen years old high school jock.

Friends characterized their turbulent relationship as passionate, emotional, and yet unhealthy. It was typical for Jamie to be observed roughhousing Amy’s arm or getting in the way of her attempts to escape. In the movie, Jamie is shown through the character of Bobby, who is initially portrayed as being a friendly and helpful person, but he later reveals himself to be abusive, envious, and intolerant, even with Stacy.

However, it comes out that his family is dysfunctional since his father is a violent alcoholic who beats his wife and encourages her to start drinking, which is the reason for Bobby’s nature of jealousy. Jamie Fuller was resentful and angry at the idea that Amy wasn’t “his” property. He frequently threatened to kill Amy in front of friends and even Amy, but no one ever paid enough attention or took the warnings seriously.

Amy went to the beach with some pals just before the murder, and that angered Jamie. Court records state that he reportedly said, “I’m getting sick of this. I swear I’m going to kill her. She won’t be around to go out with anyone anymore… I’m going to kill her.”

Is the tragic tale of Stacy in 'No one would tell' based on a true story?

From Jamie’s house, the four teenagers—Jamie, Amy, and two of Jamie’s friends—walked to a nearby field. Amy was led into the woods by Jamie. She was stabbed in the stomach while he had her mouth covered and declared his love for her. Then, from behind her and further drove the knife into her. Later, he claimed that the knife tip had passed through her abdomen.

She bit his hand and made an effort to flee. He dragged her back by grabbing her hair and cutting her throat while holding onto her hair. She whimpered, “I love you, Jamie,” as she collapsed to the ground. Jamie allegedly crushed Amy to death because the gasping sound of her choking on blood apparently “pissed him off.” Jamie then told his friends, “It’s done,” after his return from the woods.

He showed the bloodied knife to his friends, pointing out how the tip had twisted during the murder. Following that, Jamie and his two mates went to one of the boys’ homes. The red kool-aid they were sipping, Jamie remarked, was “appropriate for the occasion” as he wiped the blood off from the knife at home. He asked them to assist him in hiding his wrongdoing.

Jamie and his two friends dropped Amy’s body into Shoe Pond in Beverly, Massachusetts, after being tied to cinder blocks and wrapped in plastic. Jamie Fuller was taken into custody for Amy’s murder five days after one of Jamie’s friends gave police information about the pond where Amy’s body had been discarded. He is currently in prison on a life sentence.

Amy’s story is not an unusual incident. Intimate partner abuse affects girls and young women more than three times more frequently than the general population between the ages of 16 and 24. In 2016, a jealous and abusive lover fatally shot 16-year-old Emma Walker through her bedroom window. Amy’s tale and Emma’s connection have a lot in common.

These tales keep repeating themselves. Again and again, these women and girls are irrevocably silenced because they loved someone who had wronged them. We need to speak up and be heard constantly. The voices of these women and girls can no longer speak for themselves; we must carry them with us in the hopes that one day, families won’t have to bury their loved ones because they fell in love with the wrong person.


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