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Are Rob Jetten And Jesse Klaver Dating?

Are Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver Dating?

Remember the two Dutch lawmakers who got viral on Tiktok? The internet couldn’t get enough of their interaction. TikTok users are enamored with the friendship of two politicians — to the point where people are producing fan fiction portraying a romantic relationship between the two, which the pair has clearly rejected. The Tiktok edits are obviously deceiving.

The two men’s relationship is not romantic or sexual, according to them — but rather, they are “good friends.” Despite the truth, the internet has been hyper-focusing on the two’s every interaction and shipping them. Despite the language barrier, the hashtag is not only going viral in the Netherlands. #Resse is also a thing abroad.

The “duo” with the acronym “Resse” has been coined by fans. Several Brits, Americans, and TikTok users from other countries post their own #Resse videos. Many Dutch people react to the videos with ‘Resse goes international!’

Are Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver Dating?

The administrator of the TikTok account @ressepeasants, which has 41,700 followers and has requested to remain anonymous, told Insider that the concept of “Resse” was born roughly a year ago. She claims it all began with a video of them smiling at each other with a “kind of love” in their gaze, which quickly went viral.

The owner of the TikTok account hails from Canada, but she appreciated how politics didn’t get in the way of Jetten and Klaver’s bond. “Sorry to disappoint all my new fans, but Jesse and I are just really good colleagues,” he captioned with a winking emoji. He further added that both he and Klaver enjoyed the TikToks, and becoming popular on the internet was a “whole new experience.”

Who are Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver

Are Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver Dating?

Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver are lawmakers of the Dutch House of Representatives from opposing parties. Jetten is 34, and Klaver is 35; both are involved in a relationship but not with each other. Jetten is gay and has a lover, whilst Klaver is married to a woman with whom he has three children.

Klaver became well-known through years of youth activism, but Jetten began lobbying and consulting before running for local political office and later national office. Jetten also shared a photo of himself and Klaver, claiming that the romance allegations were false. Rob Jetten is a Dutch politician from the Democratic 66 party (D66). In the House of Representatives, he was the party’s parliamentary leader.

Rob Arnoldus Adrianus Jetten was born in Veghel, Netherlands on March 25, 1987. He was raised in Uden, North Brabant, and went on to study public administration at Radboud University Nijmegen. In the 2017 general election, he was elected to the Dutch House of Representatives.

Jetten was subsequently promoted to represent his party on climate change, energy and gas, railways, democratic renewal, and economic issues. On October 9, 2018, Jetten was elected as the new legislative leader of D66 in the House of Representatives, following Alexander Pechtold.

Jetten has not disclosed any information about his parents or ethnicity. However, after working as a management trainee at the Dutch railway authority ProRail, he returned as a consultant and regional supply manager for the northeastern Netherlands.

Rob Jetten and Sjoerd van Gils Have Broken Up

Are Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver Dating?

Rob Jetten has called it quits on his romance with Sjoerd van Gils. The two have apparently been apart since this spring, but Rob did not want to publicize the breakup. The minister himself has confirmed the break. The tasks and stress in his current job contributed to the love break. Habin Kocer, a friend of Rob, recently said that the minister still has a private life.

“He only sleeps five hours a night, and if it’s three, he thinks that’s good too,” he said in a conversation with De Groene Amsterdammer. “He drinks coffee in the shower because he thinks it’s a shame to ‘just drink and nothing else. Everything must have a function.”

According to Story Weekly Sources, Rob reviews legal files with his staff members until late at night, then returns to the gym at six o’clock the next morning. Jetten’s pay for this is his relationship with Sjoerd, for whom he presumably couldn’t find enough time. Rob and Sjoerd are acquainted on the D66 and have been living together in Ubbergen, Gelderland, with their dog Mula for quite some time. The two have agreed to share the dog’s care.

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