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Why Did MSNBC Fire Tiffany Cross?

Why was Tiffany Cross fired
Why was Tiffany Cross fired?

Tiffany Cross is a 43-year-old journalist and political analyst known for providing top-notch political analysis to viewers. Her show, The Cross Connection, The Tiffany Cross Show, was first aired in the year 2020. Since then, her show has gained an abundance of popularity. The once-in-a-week show made people wait for the next episode that features Tiffany Cross with always something new filled full of information and knowledge.

But on November 2, 2022, the entire audience was stunned to learn that Tiffany Cross had been fired from MSNBC. Realizing that they won’t be able to see their favorite TV personality longer delivering the highest caliber news. The audience became enraged, and many began to assume that Tiffany Cross had been fired rather than leaving the show. When Tiffany raised the same issue, the uncertainty was dispelled.

Why was Tiffany Cross removed from the show?

When the news arrived of Tiffany Cross getting removed from MSNBC and her contract is not going to be renewed for the next two years, controversy over the same started to emerge. Tiffany Cross has made her show one of the most respectable shows from the past two years by passionately discussing the current climate of the nation and offering a detailed analysis with the aid of research and resource experts.

Viewers were surprised by Tiffany Cross’s abrupt departure from the program and demanded explanations. Later, MSNBC clarified everything, yet the dispute is growing daily due to opposing viewpoints.

Tiffany Cross from the cross connection

Tiffany Cross from The Cross Connection (Credit: MSNBC)

MSNBC stated Tiffany Cross’s behavior on and off the air with other executives was not good. She always got into an argument that caused a lot of problems for MSNBC. Hence, MSNBC was left with no option but to cancel her appearance for the upcoming episodes, apparently not renewing her contract. Furthermore, it was claimed that Tiffany was actively involved in creating contentious claims regarding the nation’s political situation and influential political figures.

Florida literally looks like a D**** of a country. Let’s get rid of it, and Tiffany said when asked which state should be eliminated from elections on Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week with Charlemagne. MSNBC didn’t want to cause any issues because of Tiffany’s controversial statement because she already did so in that show.

Tiffany Cross in Hell of a Week show

Tiffany Cross in Hell of a Week with Charlemagne show (Credit: Hell of a Week YouTube Channel)

Talking in such a language, on-screen about upcoming elections, might have caused a headache for MSNBC that led them to fire Tiffany from the show, according to New York Post. Unhappy management caused controversy by making a decision three days before the election.

Tiffany’s departure from the show would be the topic of conversation right now, even if the TRP of the program had already significantly reduced before her departure. The entire internet is now incensed about Tiffany’s removal and the discussion surrounding it, but MSNBC does not appear to be changing its decision.

Tiffany Cross’s Oust from MSNBC: The Controversy

Even though MSNBC gave all those incensed people justifications for why Tiffany was fired from the show, her supporters and loved ones were not persuaded by MSNBC’s justifications. People were outraged by Tiffany’s abrupt dismissal and expressed their feelings about it.

Joy Reid, an MSNBC host who worked with Tiffany Cross, spoke on-air about Tiffany. She referred to her as a sister and said that she would always be there for her. Joy likewise requested that people refrain from criticizing Tiffany because she had done nothing wrong and was unexpectedly fired.

Tiffany Cross

Tiffany Cross receiving support on social media

People were even more incensed as Tiffany Cross was fired a few days before the elections, calling it unacceptable. Additionally, netizens criticized MSNBC for their decision to remove Tiffany, who they claimed shouldn’t have been because she was black, always supported black people, and addressed issues affecting them.

Along with the supporting messages and Tweets for Tiffany by her fans and loved ones, Tiffany also opened up about how she felt about her removal. She said that she was disheartened to know that MSNBC canceled her show. After this statement of her, Tiffany received a lot of support, even from her colleagues and friends. Her colleagues called her strong and independent, who will always voice her opinions for good.

Although Tiffany has a large number of followers who will stand by her no matter what, there are also opposing comments from those who want to express an alternative viewpoint. Nobody can predict if Tiffany will be asked to host the show again as a result of the controversy; all we can do is wait for future updates.

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