Why Did Kay Adams Leave Good Morning Football? Reasons Revealed!

Why Did Kay Adams Leave Good Morning Football
Kay Adams

Up until recently, Kay Adams worked for the NFL Network for six amazing years. Early this year, Kay announced her departure from the network without providing many details about her next endeavors. Since its debut in 2016, she has served as the host of the NFL Network’s popular Good Morning Football program. Football fans and the public audience both adored the show and its hosts, which included Kay. She abruptly left, shocking them all in the process.

Who is Kay Adams?

Why Did Kay Adams Leave Good Morning Football
Kay Adams

Kay Adams is the stage name for Dorothy Konopka. She is a 36-year-old sports anchor. She is famously known for the NFL Network show Good Morning Football. She was a host for the show for over six years until recently. She worked as a game presenter for the St. Louis Cardinals before becoming a host on the renowned program. In the early 2010s, she made her first appearance on television on the fantasy football programs Livin’ the Fantasy, Fantasy Drive on SiriusXM, and NFL Sunday Ticket Fantasy Zone. In 2016, she formally joined the Good Morning Football program, which she presented until May 2022

When Did Kay Adams Leave Good Morning Football?

The final episode of Kay Adams on the NFL Network aired on May 13, 2022. She describes how amazing her six years as the host of Good Morning Football have been on her last day of work. She reflected on the several studios the cast had worked in, the variety of costumes they had worn, and the enthusiastic response they had received from the public throughout the previous six years. She left the show on a positive note, but everyone was startled by her abrupt departure from the network.

On the other hand, the network was undoubtedly aware of her leaving. She credits the network with giving her the popularity she has today, and she now believes she is prepared to change. She stated that she believed her work there was finished and that she should pursue a career in show business for the excitement it would provide. Due to the quality of the programming and the array of brilliant hosts, the show has previously received Emmy Award nominations.

On The Pat McAfee Show in January of this year, she had already spoken about her contract with the NFL Network coming to an end. She expressed her thanks to the network despite her uncertainty regarding her future endeavors at the time.

Where Would Kay Adams Feature Next?

Kay Adams will appear on FanDuel TV in a morning show in the upcoming months, the network announced in August. She didn’t reveal that she would be joining FanDuel TV with her show, Up and Adams, until a 5 September 2022 interview. Live from Los Angeles, the program airs every day except weekends at 11 a.m. EST. Exclusive interviews with current and previous All-Star players are included on the show.

Along with interviews, Up and Adams also covers the most recent news and information on sports entertainment, such as fantasy football leagues. As she discusses the new show, Kay admits that she is both excited and anxious since she is aware that starting a new show from scratch will be challenging. The show will only have her as the host; therefore, everything will depend on her. She says towards the conclusion that she believes she is prepared, given her extensive expertise, to take on such a challenging task.

Sean Payton, a former head coach of the New Orleans Saints, appeared with Kay Adams as her first guest on the show’s debut episode.

When talking about her new program, she expresses excitement for the opportunity to delve into the sport’s future. She stated in the interview that she is a meticulous New Yorker and that moving to Los Angeles was unfamiliar to her. She made light of the fact that she is unable to operate a vehicle.

Her Other Ventures?


After she departed from the NFL Network, Kay Adams appeared in a brief DICK’s Sporting Goods promo after departing Good Morning Football. The company is a well-known manufacturer of sporting items in the US. She was shown in the brief commercial advertising sports equipment and back-to-school clothing for the company.

As the host of the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football program, Kay Adams became well-known. Her devoted followers, who had been following her on the network even after she left, are still tuning in to her new program, “Up and Adams,” today. She has been a sports anchor for a while, and with all the skills and expertise she possesses, she hopes to continue holding the position of a top sports anchor for as long as possible.

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