What Happened To Titans Todd Downing? Everything You Need To Know

Todd Downing arrested

Todd Downing is trending on social media these days. Todd got into a huge mess two days back when he was driving near Nashville. Todd’s team-The Titans, had secured an awesome victory. But what happened which turned the celebrations and victory into regrets and guilt for Downing? Now, who is Todd Downing? Todd is a popular football coach who is the offensive coordinator for Tennessee Titans. Todd was earlier serving as the tight ends coach of the Titans. Later he was assigned the position of Offensive Coordinator. 

An OC has to take care of the team’s offensive position in a football game. He has to analyze the various aspects of the play of the team. Earlier, Arthur Smith was serving as the OC for the Titans, but he moved to Atlanta Falcons to get the position of head coach there. Well, Downing is someone who has been associated with the game since 2005. He has spent time with several teams like the Bills, the Raiders, etc. He has earned a name for himself due to his successful stints in various teams.

Todd Downing arrested
Todd is the offensive coordinator for Tennessee Titans.

Recently, NFL had mentioned Downing among the 22 coaches under 45 who could grab the position of head coach in the hiring cycles. He has been part of The Titans since 2009. So people are curious to know what exactly happened to Todd Downing. Did he get involved in some serious accident?

Who Are The Titans?

The Tennessee Titans are a  popular football team from America. This team is based in Nashville. The Titans came into existence decades ago, in 1959. They have been quite successful, as they managed to secure a position in the playoffs several times during the early 2000s. But their success had dwindled in the past few years as they managed to reach playoffs only twice.

Titans had secured a victory over their rivals, Green Bay Packers, on November 17, 2022. They have been leading the AFC south and doing quite well. Players Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry won praise as their efforts contributed to the team’s astounding victory. But the victory now has got overshadowed by the incident involving Todd Downing. People are curious to know what went wrong on the night of November 17, 2022. So what really happened to Todd Downing?

Todd Downing latest update
Downing has been booked into the jail of Williamson County.

What Happened To Todd Downing?

Basically, Todd had been arrested in the early hours of Friday morning by the Tennesee Highway Patrol. According to reports, Downing had been booked into the jail of Williamson County. Though he was released soon, the arrest of Downing has left fans amused. To clear all rumors and misunderstandings, the Tennessee Highway Patrol has provided complete details about this incident.

Is Todd Downing suspended?
Downing was driving his car at a very high speed.

Basically, Downing was driving his car at a very high speed. He was spotted at 2:30 am by the highway patrol team.  One of the troopers of the patrol team stopped Downing to check if he was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. The trooper examined him and quickly deduced that the popular football coach was exhibiting signs of impairment and could not provide answers properly. 

Furthermore, the trooper could smell some intoxicant present in the car, but there has no confirmation about the type of intoxicant. After all this, Downing was arrested. The office of the County Sheriff has revealed the exact timings of the events that unfolded. Downing was stopped by a patrolling officer at 2:30 am due to high-speed driving. When it was discovered that Downing was driving under the influence, he was arrested and taken to Williamson County Jail at 4:39 am. Later after paying the bond amount, Downing was released at 6:46 am. 

How Did The National Football League React?

The incident drew sharp reactions. Well, that was bound to happen as a prominent coach of a popular football team had committed a blunder. The NFL commissioner issued a memo stating that all the clubs need to follow the longstanding policy of the league, which doesn’t allow alcohol before and after the game. Everyone is fully debarred from consuming alcohol while traveling for team matches.

What happened to Todd Downing
Downing has committed a breach of discipline and the league policy.

This policy isn’t just restricted to players but every coach, club member, and any other guest accompanying the team has to follow it. The NFL also stated that this policy has existed for years. Well, if that’s the case, it does imply that Downing has committed a breach of discipline and the league policy. People are curious to know what action the NFL will take against Downing. Is he going to be suspended?

What Will Be The Next Course Of Action?

The National Football League has taken into account this incident, and they seem to be quite displeased. The league has clearly stated that its policy of no alcohol was very important. Anyone who violates the policy will face strict disciplinary action. The Titans released their statement yesterday morning. This brief statement states that the team has taken into account the situation, but they don’t have clear information.

Coach of Titans team
After paying the bond amount, Downing was released at 6:46 am.

So right now, they are collecting all the details about the incident. Titans coach Mike has stated that they all understand their responsibilities very well. But with due respect, he doesn’t desire to indulge in any conversation about the present situation. The Titans would have to issue a proper statement soon as their public image might get dented due to Downing’s irresponsible behavior. 

Downing Is A Repeat Offender 

It’s not the first time when Downing had to go behind bars for rash driving. In 2006, Downing was caught by the Praire Police for rash driving. At that time, too, he was intoxicated and was cited with fourth-degree driving. Downing hasn’t released any statement yet. It would be riveting to see how Titans would be able to handle this crisis. It can surely dent their image. Whether NFL will take action against Downing or not will be interesting to observe.