What Happened To Devin Chandler? Explained

What happened to Devin Chandler

Who does not know the name of Devin Chandler today? We are sure that everyone is familiar with this name as this name is a brand all over the world. In case you don’t know anything about him, let us introduce you all to him. Devin Chandler is one of the most famous UVA Football players who is known all over the world. Even the children are familiar with this name.

Devin Chandler is trading all over the world for a few days. What is the reason behind this? Fans are curious to know about this. If you are one of these fans, we have covered you as we will tell you everything related to the incident.

What Happened on November 13, 2022?

A shooting took place at the University of Virginia, Virginia, on the late night of November 13, 2022. In the incident, three people were killed. Two other people were also injured. The three-person who died in the incident were the members of the UVA Football team.

The victims include Devin Chandler, who is a junior from Huntersville. D’Sean Perry, who is a junior from Miami, Florida, and Lavel Davis Jr., from South Carolina. There were all members of the UVA Football team.

The other two victims were also members of the UVA Football time and were wounded badly. They were hospitalized. It turned out that these people were in good condition. There was also a female student who was hospitalized and has been discharged from the hospital.

Who are the Suspects?

The Suspect

The people at the place of the shooting identified Christopher Darnell Jones Jr as the alleged suspect of the shooting, which took place on November 13, 2022. His age is 22, and he was a former walk-on UVA football player. He was also a member of the team for one season. However, he did not play any games.

The interesting fact is that he has been investigated previously with respect to alleged on-campus hazing. According to the sources, it was found out that he had been bullied at UVA, and it looked bad. However, this investigation ended as the witnesses were not ready to cooperate with the police.

However, he was again put under investigation in September 2022 when it was rumored that he owned a gun. However, the person who made a comment about this had never actually seen a gun with him. He has been arrested and charged with murder and three counts of using a handgun.

Responses After the Incident

The President of the University sent an e-mail to all the students on the campus shortly after the incident of shooting where he stated that he was heartbroken to report the incident and the death of the members.

The head coach of the University also issued a statement where he celebrated the lives of the victims and the strength of the team. He also aimed to provide all the resources that would be needed for the investigation. US President and the First Lady also issued a statement offering their condolences to the families of the victims.

The Aftermath of the Incident

what happened to devin chandler

The other classes for the students were canceled. The students of the University returned to classes on Wednesday but all the work done that week was non-graded. For the students of  Charlottesville City Public Schools, the classes were canceled. The university management set a hotline on campus for families and students to ask any potential questions or gather information about the shooting, if any.

A vigil was also held for all the victims on November 14, with candles placed around the Statue of Homer with the phrase “UVA Strong.” The phrase also included the uniform numbers of the deceased players, which were “1-15-41”. The players were honored on Saturday in a memorial service on the campus of the University.

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