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Why Did Bebe Rexha Get Booed at the NFL Thanksgiving halftime show?

Bebe Rexha
Bebe Rexha

One of the most famous and passionate singers and songwriters who contributed her best songwriting skills to the songs of various well-known singers, including Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, and the South Korean boy band group Shinee, Bebe Rexha is one of the finest artists of the United States of America.

Her career journey in the music industry has been a bit of a roller coaster ride because, from her debut song, I don’t wanna Grow up to her singles, including I got you and The way I am, did not receive much success.

However, gradually when she started doing collaborations with well-known singers-rappers like Nicki Minaj and The Chainsmokers for the songs like Hey Mama and call you mine, Bebe Rexha’s name started getting viral around the world.

Currently, at the traditional NFL Thanksgiving Game, Bebe Rexha got booed by the audience, and the video of her getting booed got so viral that everyone started wondering why she got booed in front of thousands of audience who were present there at the game.

Here’s The Reason Why Bebe Rexha Got Booed

Every year, all of the fans eagerly await the Thanksgiving Day game of the National Football League. In addition to games filled with excitement and enthusiasm, the NFL invites some of the best artists from around the world to perform at this big event.

This year singers like The Jonas Brothers, Tyler Hubbard, and pop singer Bebe Rexha were confirmed to perform on stage to entice fans during the match.

As fans of these incredible singers were present at the game, it was clear that they expected more from them because the NFL never misses an opportunity to bring in meticulous singers with outstanding performances, and fans travel to Ford Field, Detroit, to see theirfavoritee artists perform on stage.

Bebe Rexha Performing at NFL Thanksgiving Game

Bebe Rexha Performing at NFL Thanksgiving Game

Bebe Rexha’s followers, however, were so dissatisfied with her performance this time that they began booing her, despite the fact that she was singing songs that they liked. Bebe Rexha lost her confidence as a result of the fans’ constant booing because she was already anxious about performing at NFL. Even so, she finished strong and gave a great performance.

Fans who watched Rexha’s viral Twitter video of her receiving boos initially believed that the audience did not enjoy her performance. However, that was not the case; rather, fans booed because they were unable to see theirfavoritee singer perform.

Bebe Rexha got Booed

Fans pointing out the facts about Rexha’s Performance on social media

The stage where Bebe Rexha performed was set up in such a way that no fan could see her. It was in the corner, mostly out of sight of the audience. To see her perform live, every one of her fans had to struggle. The fans were most interested in seeing Rexha perform live, despite the fact that they could also watch it on a screen in front of them.

Therefore, it is evident that Bebe Rexha was not the target of the boos; rather, the unhappy crowd was caused by the setup for the performance.

Consequently, Bebe Rexha’s performance during the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions game halftime show drew boos rather than cheers.

Why Was Bebe Rexha’s Performance Stage Set Up In The Corner?

Until last time, halftime performance stages were set up in the center of the field where everyone could see what was happening on the stage very clearly, and fans could easily enjoy their favorite artist’s performance.

Bebe Rexha Performing on Tiny Corner Stage

Bebe Rexha Performing on Tiny Corner Stage

However, this time Bebe Rexha’s performance was set up in the corner, and according to the Twitter comments on the video, people were struggling to discover where actually Bebe Rexha was performing.

As NFL has not yet confessed about the stage setup, On Twitter, fans alleged that the setup was done in such a way that it will be recorded in a better manner for the ones who are watching the game or show on live TV at their homes and they failed to consider the feelings of the audience who were physically present at the game. There are still no clear reasons for it, though.

Fans’ Reactions on Bebe Rexha Getting Booed

At the show, fans of Rexha were so sad that they could not see her performing, but they were not mad at her. They supported her instead because they knew that it was not her fault.

Fans also pointed out that last year, even Big Sean performed on that stage, and at that time, no one had any problem with that.

Bebe Rexha got Booed

Fans showing support for  Bebe Rexha on social media

Additionally, fans were so annoyed to know that audience booed during and at the end of her performance, which decreased her confidence because she had already confessed that she was nervous about the NFL performance.

As we know, no matter what, Bebe Rexha will never fail to win fans’ hearts, and even her fans won’t disappoint her; it is time when Bebe Rexha needs a little support and encouragement from her fans.



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