Meagan Good Divorce: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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One of the most talented and very well-known actresses, Meagan Good, has appeared on many televisions that too in leads. Her real name is Meagan Monique Good. She is the one who is seen in many feature films and music videos. Talking something her birthplace, she was born in California, and at the age of only four, she started, or we can say that she commenced, her acting career. Since then, Meagan has featured and portrayed different roles in various television dramas that too before coming directly to the big screen. In the year 1197, there was one of her breakthrough performances, and she was also a sexually charged teenager at that time. The reason behind this teenager eventually was she was seen featuring in the movie named Eve’s Bayou.

Meagan Good is very flexible, and god gifted her transition from child and teen star to directly an adult, something that can never be forgotten. She is never afraid of anything, and she does all her roles fearlessly. Meagan is the one who has eventually played and portrayed varieties of roles that are too ranging from a schoolgirl spy in D E B S to a very skilled and talented dancer in Roll Bouncer. She was also the one who was seen featured and portrayed in some television shows and dramas, and later, she got landed and came down in the very popular and renowned series Deception, where she was seen acting the role of detective.

One thing that her fans used to keep in mind that besides Meagan Good’s pretty face along with her attractive physique, she is among the actress who always is more dependent on their acting skills and wit while portraying and featuring any character in any film.

Meagan Good Divorce


So, here is the lead and the most important topic of this article which is Meagan Good’s Divorce. Before some days or months, Meagan Good had finally opened up about her divorce and also told that she is now separated from her beloved husband, DeVon Franklin. The couple was married for nine years. Also, in the Twitter comments and spaces, Meagan Good eventually stated that she is grieving from her divorce and she is not feeling good. Later, she also added that she always wanted a life that understood her. The couple fell in love many years when they married.

After hearing and reading the news or official statements about the couple’s divorce, all their fans and other audience were in shock. They were the ones who texted grievances on their Instagram profile, and some of them also wanted this couple to always come back. In one of Meagan Good’s interviews, she admitted that she would never discontinue believing in god, and there is nothing that can make sense to me right now and at this specific point in time. Later, she also informed me that she is super excited to observe her life’s next act of life, and now, at this point, she is completely believing in god and having gratitude that can make her strong.

At the time Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin met, they were in a relationship and were dating each other for the first 3 years. After completing 3 years, they decided to get married, and so the couple tied the knot with each other. Both of them did everything they could in these eleven years, and this was the complete life for Meagan. Once, when she was having a conversation with a host of Gia Peppers, she admitted many topics, that too, which usually include goal-setting, love, along with different TV series.

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Recently in the last month itself, Meagan and Franklin shared one Instagram post where they both announced, or we can say that, where the couple both declared their separation and their divorce. Later, they added that after so much prayer and consideration, the couple decided to go into their future that too separately but will remain forever connected. The couple has lived and celebrated almost a decade of marriage together, and they always think that their love is always eternal.

So, from now, Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin are focusing on their career, and they want to be more successful and express their talent and skills in front of everyone. Last but not the least, Meagan Good added that she wants to take a beat for herself and no one else. She was also the one who also stopped drinking in April.

May the couple live a happy and peaceful life.

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