Kim HyunA And Dawn Breakup- What Was The Reason For Their Breakup?

Dawn and HyunA feature

Talking about one of the most talented South Korean singers as well as songwriters, Kim HyunA, is also a model and a dancer. In the later 2000s, she started her career that too as a part of the girl group that was named Wonder Girls. She is the one who is loved by almost all K-pop fans. Later, in the year 2010, HyunA made her solo debut by singing the single, Change. This was the song that was a huge success, and later, it got picked up at the 2nd position on the Gaon Digital Chart. By seeing this, she got motivated and started to write some different kinds of songs. Through this, she came to the stage where she released and broadcasted her first release, which was Bubble Pop. This was the one that sold more than 2.5 million copies.

Now, coming on to Dawn, he is formerly recognized E’Dawn, and he was the one who was a member of Cube Entertainment’s largest South Korean boy band, Pentagon. Early in the year 2019, Dawn signed a contract with P Nation, and later, he released and broadcast his single named Money. Besides him, he also formed and made his friends gain popularity through the Mnet survival show that is named Pentagon Maker that too in the year 2016.

Kim HyunA and Dawn Breakup- What Was The Reason For Their Breakup?

This is something that shocked most fans of K-pop and fans of HyunA and Dawn by hearing that they were not together anymore. This was the news that was circulated and was revealed by HyunA in one of her posts on Instagram. This was the post that was posted by HyunA eventually on 30th November, 2022. In the caption of that post, she eventually wrote that We Broke Up. But later, she also wrote that they wanted to be very good friends and colleagues from now onwards. They both thanked each other for their support and the reason that they were always together.

HyunA and Dawn breakup

The couple started dating and came into a relationship in the year 2016, and after two years, that is, in the year 2018, they both publicly announced the same. After some time, there were rumors that the couple had engaged and were going to marry in some months or years. By hearing and listening to this, all their fans and viewers got super excited about their marriage and always wanted to see them together.

HyunA and Dawn also posted some pictures and videos, like the engagement ceremony that too in February this year. Later, in the month of August, the couple also left their agency that is P Nation, and it was a time when HyunA revealed that the couple had been dating and had been in a relationship since the year 2016.

But, unfortunately, the news and the official statement of their breakup shocked almost everyone who was eagerly waiting for their wedding announcement for a long. These were the couple who were most famous and popular in the whole K-pop, and their love story was also very famous and popular as compared to others. HyunA and Dawn were the couple who secretly started dating each other, and this was the time when there was the first recording as a part of Triple H. This was also the incident that happened and was during the year 2016 that too in the month of either August or September.

Kim HyunA and Dawn

By the year 2019, the couple had signed many contracts together as a part of their new articles for PSY’s recently launched P Nation label. There was a couple who will never be forgotten by their fans as they were the ones who made the best songs together and there were also the ones who, along with singing have also danced together on the stage, which usually made this couple more popular and more famous. As mentioned earlier that the couple also posted one of the Instagram posts with the same ring, and it was rumored that they were engaged; Dawn, in that post, commented Marry Me. To that, HyunA also replied to his comment Of Course, and it’s a yes. If you will search for this post now, it is probably deleted from her account, and it was also the reason that the couple broke up.

We wish that HyunA and Dawn both soon get their love life back in the way they deserve. All the best for their future and the rest of their life.

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