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Why Did Jinni Nmixx Leave Her Group?

Jinni Nmixx feature

Jinni is a member of the NMIXX group consisting of South Korean girls who perform on the stage. Haewon, Jinni, Sullyoon, BAE, Kyujin, and Jiwoo are the seven members of the group. They were signed by JYP Entertainment and were released in February 2022.

Jinni is the stage name her real name is Choi Yun Jin; she was born in Busan, South Korea, in April 2004 and raised in Korea. Her zodiac sign is Aries. Also, according to the Chinese zodiac, her sign is Monkey. Her mother was also from Korea, but her father was from Australia. Her favorite color is Light Pink and her favorite day of the week is Friday. Jinni also has a little brother who was born in the 2011 year.

She went to Kaesong Elementary School, her middle school at Dongbaek, Changdeok, and Hansan High school. She made a debut with NMIXX at the age of 17. She is very popular with young people. She looks younger than she is. She has black eyes and brown hair. A teaser was released on July 9, 2021, with the phrase “Your Next Favourite Girl Group.” To this, there were rumors that JYP entertainment might release a new girl group. Jiwoo, Kyujin, and Jinni were first introduced as a new girl group in a dance performance video on 6 August.

Why Did Jinni Leave NMIXX?

According to a statement from the agency, NMIXX will now continue with the six-member group due to personal issues. To that, we came to know that Jinni left the NMIXX South Korean girls’ group and also JYP Entertainment.


As you all know that this is the section where we will together come to know the main topic of our article, and yes, from this article, we will eventually be able to gain more and more knowledge about one particular topic. So, let’s read together.

Eventually, after the exit of Jinni, she is also the one who has also left the agency named JYP Entertainment. But, NMIXX will always remain a six-member group. The separation of Jinni that too from the rookie group was declared and announced usually on December 9, Friday.

So, the main reason for her separation from the group is not yet known, and this is the statement that is claimed as per some reports and records. She might leave this group just because of personal reasons, or we can say that she leave the group just because of some personal circumstances. Later, it was also claimed that her contract has now been terminated, and NMIXX will eventually carry out all types of future activities as a six-member group.

Mentioning other members or the remaining members of NMIXX are generally Lily, Jiwoo, Sullyoon, Haewon, Kyujin, and Bae. Just before her separation, Jinni was the one who was known and was considered the ‘center’ of NMIXX or a focal member of the group. But, later, the statement apologized just for causing harm to any fan’s undue concern because of the sudden news of her separation.

Jinni was the one who eventually made her fans and gained popularity, so her fans encouraged her in new endeavors and supported the six members of NMIXX.

One of the investments that were reported and released by JYP Entertainment in November eventually said that,

NMIXX will now release at least two albums by the first quarter of the year 2023. Just before some days of this report, NMIXX usually released or dropped some video teasers just for a cryptic project that was called or known as New Frontier. But, JYP Entertainment very badly lost one of the most promising and very talented members, that too once again, and yes, she is Jinni NMIXX. It was only a year, and now she is the one who is leaving NMIXX along with JYP Entertainment.


As mentioned above, this was the news or the official statement that was reported or claimed on December 9, Friday. And this was the news that was shared by Korean media. We are trying very hard just to know the exact reason for Jinni’s separation from JYP Entertainment. As of now, she is the one who has left or got separated from JYP Entertainment along with her group just because of personal reasons.

From this, we all come to know that Jinni was the one who was especially known as the second NMIXX member who eventually joined and trained the longest after Lily in JYP Entertainment.

As a trainee, Jinni was the one who was truly a very promising prodigy, and also as an idol; Jinni has just the very right visual and talent that will surely be used in the next K-pop queen.

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