Nevermore Academy Filming Locations: Everything You Need To Know

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Almost all of us are very well-known about one of the most famous and very popular series named, Wednesday, which is currently streaming on the most renowned platform named Netflix. Also, there is nothing that is more stressful just than starting a very new school, and this is just because if you are a Wednesday Addams.

So, in one of the most popular series, Wednesday, there is one very best scion that is named Addams Family scion, and this is the part that is perfect and with lots of effort made by Jenna Ortega. Here, we all must thank and give our heads off to Nevermore Academy, which is a very popular and very famous institute in which students are served as a home for social outsiders.

This is also the place where Jenna’s parents are matriculated. Also, this is the place where Jenna eventually finds more than she might have wanted. Things that she usually gets there are monstrous classmates, mysterious teachers, and a string of murders, and these are the ones that usually force the introverted Wednesday that too in becoming just an investigator.

From this, we all must know that Wednesday is considered one of the most anticipated shows of the whole year. This is also the show that is a very mysterious and spooky series that usually lives up to the previous Addams family.

Filming Locations of Nevermore Academy

So, we are again on one of the most important and informational sections of the whole article. Most of us eventually don’t know the exact location of this particular part of the show Wednesday.

The ones who usually know the locations of where this part of the film is always requested to comment in the comment section very fast. And, for the one who eventually doesn’t know the filming location, kindly read the whole article down.


So, the filming location of this Nevermore Academy is usually the outcasts in New England. But, as we all know that Wednesday was eventually filmed in Romania, and Cantacuzino Castle and yes, nevermore academy is also the part that is filmed in this Cantacuzino Castle.

Also, in the year 1911, the Romanian Castle was built, and this is also the castle that is built just less than two hours that too away from Bucharest. The other filming location that is Cantacuzino is also a tourist spot, and it is always open to tourists seven days a week.

So, just because of this, we as common tourists can very easily see the exact location of where this Wednesday’s show and Nevermore Academy are being filmed. Talking about some of the students of this Nevermore Academy, there are also some vampire students that too along with their werewolves, sirens, and gorgons.

Just because of this, the whole plot of this Wednesday show feels like a murder mystery. Also, according to some reports and records, the Wednesday show is the one that is filmed in the Predeal that too as their base camp for filming.

This is the place where we can very easily and beautifully spot some mountains that to un Transylvania. Apart from this, many other familiar locations can also be found by watching the very popular and renowned show named Wednesday, that too in Romania.

Is Nevermore Academy A Real Place?

Now, let us very fast know the location of nevermore, whether it is real or not. Some people think that it is not real, but at the same time, others think that it is real. We will be able to understand the below paragraphs, but for that, you will need to read them with me.

Nevermore Acedemy

So, for all those people who eventually think that Nevermore Academy is not a real place, let me tell those people that yes, Nevermore Academy that too from Tim Burton’s Wednesday, is a very beautiful and real place. And, yes, this is also a place that can be visited by us and can be enjoyed by family and friends.

Also, the new spin-off in the family of Addams has shocked the mind of millions of people, and it is eventually going great guns that too on Netflix. This is the show in which we can see Jenna Ortega, who is featuring and portraying the role of a 16-year-old Wednesday Addams.

And as mentioned above, there are many vampire students that are studying and are present in this Nevermore Academy. Some of them are werewolves, gorgons, psychics, and sirens, and along with these, some of them are mythical beings. Lastly, there is never a dull moment in this whole school.

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