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Who Is The Voice-Over On The Weakest Link?

Weakest Link feature

So, this is one of the most watched and very popular shows. The name of this show is the weakest link, and this is one of the most popular British television quiz shows. At the time of its release, this was the show that was eventually released on BBC Two and BBC One.

This was the show that was usually devised by Fintan Coyle and Cathy Dunning. Also, the weakest link is the show that was specially developed for television by the BBC Entertainment Department.

Most people know about the voice-over of this particular show, but at the same time, there are still many people who are not aware of this particular show about the person who has done voice-over in it. So, if you don’t know the name of the particular person, then you are requested to read the whole article down and know the name of the particular person.

This is also considered one of the most played game shows, and the game usually starts with a team in which there are nine contestants, or we can say that there were 9 participants, and among nine, there were 8 people in the revival process.

The weakest link

The role of them used to take turns answering the basic general knowledge questions that too within the given time limit just to create chains of nine correct answers in a row. Later, at the end of each round, the players used to vote for any one contestant who was supposed to be called the weakest link out of the whole game.

Later, it is shown that only two players or contestants are now left, and they were the ones who used to play head-to-head penalty shootout format that too by playing five questions. All five questions are asked to every contestant or participant in a row, and at last, the winner is determined.

Who Is The Voice-Over On The Weakest Link?

Now, we are again here on one of the most important sections that will usually talk and give the answer to the question that is asked in the above topic. If you are among the ones who already know the answer to the question, then you should always make sure that you write and comment on those answers in the comment section, and the ones who don’t know the answer must read the below paragraphs carefully.


So, most people have already guessed correctly that the voice-over of the weakest link is eventually done by the very famous and very prominent star named Julie Hesmondhalgh.

She is the one who was seen featuring and portraying the role of Hayley Cropper that too from the year 1998 to 2014. After she quits Corrie, she is the one who was seen in many different shows and TV dramas, and just because of this, she is the one who makes the fans proud and raises her personality.

Some of the TV dramas in which she is seen featuring and portraying are Broadchurch and the A word, and along with these, she is also the one who is seen in many various dramas and shows. Many fans usually get thrilled at the time when they get the news of this information.

Most of her fans were not even aware of Julie, that is the one who is seen doing the voice-over in the weakest link. While some of her fans usually remembered her as one of the most original narrators, Jon Briggs.

But now, most people thoughts, they say that she is the one who is seen doing the voice-over in the show that too at the beginning where the welcome addiction starts in the program. And, yes, she is also the one who is one of the most successful actors of all time, and besides doing and pursuing her career, she is also the one who is seen portraying and featuring in most shows and dramas in many different shows and movies.

Weakest Link

This is the opportunity that Julie is adding string to her bow, and yes, just because of this, she is the one who is recognized by everyone, and she is also the one who got to experience new things in this show.

Still, most fans of Julie Hesmondhalgh are praying and requesting her to be again on the sets just for the voice-over thing in the weakest link, and fans and viewers are also waiting for her to come in more and more series and shows by portraying different roles and faces.

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