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How To Watch MTV Unplugged? Streaming Guide

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By reading or seeing the heading, you all must be aware of this particular series. The name of this series is MTV unplugged, and yes, this is the series that usually focuses on acoustic music that too by showcasing today’s very top artists; it is also the series that eventually the introduction of the stars who can be made tomorrow.

This is one of the most watched and very renowned series from which many contestants or participants became one of the most famous and very talented artists.

MTV Unplugged is a series that is completely based on American television, so this is also the series that is called American television series. Since 1989, this has been the series that comes on MTV.

But, eventually, the first season of the series was from 1989 to 1999, and yes, this was also the series that was very well broadcasted from 2000 to 2009. Also, this was the time when this series was eventually billed as one of the most famous and a very renowned series. So, the name of this series is MTV Unplugged No 2.0.

But, after the year 2009, the unplugged specials are only seen that are broadcasted on special occasions itself. Even though people can also listen to or see this series online but is the series that is available on very less platforms will eventually be discussed in the below paragraphs.

MTV Unplugged

This is the series in which some episodes or specials are being tended just to showcase one artist or one group who are seen playing the combination of various hit songs and covers. Sometimes, these artists are also seen singing some remixes of the same hit songs so that audience and the people who are hearing can be very much interested in listening to these hit songs and albums.

In the year 1990, many artists and contestants came to this show just to make their career, and by god grace, they are the ones who are very big artists now. They are also the ones who have released and aired their albums along with some hit songs. Fans and people usually loved their albums and hit songs, and later, they used to vote for them to make them the winner of the show.

One of the most famous American artists whose name was Eric Clapton, was the one who came to the show in the year 1992, and yes, he was the only one whose unplugged sold 26 million copies that too worldwide. This was the time when it became one of the most and the best-selling albums of all time.

How To Watch MTV Unplugged?


Again, we are here on one of the most important and informational sections of this whole article. This is the section that will talk about the streaming guide and how people, along with MTV unplugged fans, can stream this show online. Most of us want to see this show, but we are the ones who are not aware of the platforms on which we can eventually see and enjoy this show.

So, the MTV Unplugged show or the American series can be very well enjoyed and streamed on MTV online or on Voot. People can very easily watch and enjoy this MTV Unplugged by streaming and watching this one Voot, but for this, people will have to take a subscription to the application, and later, they will be able to watch this series.

Apart from this Voot, people can very easily watch and stream this MTV Unplugged on Prime Video. But, here, people and MTV fans can only stream and enjoy watching season 1, and all the other seasons are not available on Amazon Prime. So, if you are interested in watching season 1 of MTV Unplugged, then you can take the subscription and watch the same on Amazon Prime Video.


These are all three options of this particular series to stream and watch. You can also stream and watch this MTV Unplugged series at MTV, or this whole series is also available on the MTV app, which is eventually free to download or install on Apple devices. Also, the above-mentioned is the option if you want to watch this series through that link.

The MTV app is also an app that can be very easily downloaded and installed on your android device, but you need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection. This is the series that is also available on Roku, and yes, if you eventually get the channel through your TV provider, then it is very easy to stream and use your TV provider to unlock all the shows and enjoy.

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