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Prince Andrew Evicted From Buckingham Palace- Why He Has Been Termed The Black Sheep Of The Royal Family?

The latest news from Buckingham Palace has made everyone curious. The Palace and the developments around it have always attracted the curiosity and attention of the public. They desire to know all the latest stuff is happening inside this magnificent Palace located in London.

Well, the latest update we have got for you is pretty serious! One of the members of the Royal Family was shown the doors by King Charles III. Yes, one of the persons who was quite close to the Royal family but got involved in a scandal three years back has been shown the exit door by King Charles III.

The Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace

King Charles III evicts Prince Andrew

Yes, you read that right. The King has severed all his ties with Prince Andrew. He can no longer come to the Palace, utilize its offices or staff. He has been debarred from entering the Palace. This latest news was released by the Sun Newspaper 2 days back.

Prince Andrew has always been a matter of controversy for the royal family. His involvement in a sex trafficking scandal had stunned the public as well as the royal family. He had to resign due to all the pressure. But despite all this, Queen Elizabeth II had passed a decision to let Andrew visit the Palace and also keep a small staff. The Queen passed away a few months ago.

And now her decision has been reversed. King has taken away the privilege which was accorded to Prince Andrew by Queen Elizabeth. This is not the first major decision taken by the King after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Earlier, he had cut off ties with his son Harry. Charles III is now handling all the major affairs of the Palace

Prince Andrew and harry

Prince Andrew Is No Longer An Active Royal Family Member

This update has made it clear that Andrew isn’t an active member of the Royals. So any statement issued by Andrew will be his own and not of the Royals. But Andrew will still continue to live at the Windsor Estate. Andrew has been punished for his scandal.

Andrew lost his rank as a general and his royal status, and he was not permitted to attend the Queen’s burial in his dress uniform. Charles vowed to his brother thereafter that he would forever abdicate the throne. It was said that the monarch removed Andrew from his round-the-clock security around a month ago.

Andrew, although being exiled to the majestic confines, is expected to join King Charles and other royals for Christmas supper. The government intends to continue to subsidize the unhappy prince’s stay in the Royal Lodge, a 31-bed residence on the Windsor estate.

Prince Andrew sex scandal

Prince Andrew Scandal

It was in January 202 when the Queen took away her son Andrew’s royal rights. Andrew has been a disgrace to the royal family due to his closeness with convicted criminal Jeffrey Epstein. One of the victims of Epstein, Virginia Giufree, filed a civil suit against Andrew. She accused him of sexual assault at the behest of Epstein.

Andrew settled this case through a financial settlement outside the court. He said that he is regretful of his closeness with Epstein. But Andrew denied the allegations of sexual assault put on him by Virginia. Prince Andrew was the favorite child of Queen Elizabeth II, and she tried to guard him. But now she’s dead. So things are expected to get murkier for Prince Andrew.

Virginia and Andrew

Virginia Giuffre

Additionally, Prince Andrew lived a turbulent life, making him the outcast of the Royal Family. For years, reports about his ties to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein have dominated the news. In a word, Prince Andrew spent decades engaging in sexual activity and leading a lifestyle of extravagance.

The public has seen a more subdued side of him ever since he came under scrutiny. However, the harm has already been done, and it might potentially grow worse.

Despite his claims of innocence, Virginia Giuffre’s evidence presents a completely distinct image of the prince. It is said that she was a minor when she first met Prince Andrew. Although there is no direct proof that he knew her age when they first met, it is quite likely that he did.

What Happens Next?

Since there is photographic proof of him meeting Virginia, he is at odds with the Royal Family, who are lobbying for his ultimate expulsion from the family. The Queen is no longer around to help shield Prince Andrew. Hence he has no idea what will happen to him, and his public image has already been significantly damaged.

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