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Tyler Sanders Autopsy Report Out!! What Killed This Just Add Magic Star?

In June 2022, tragic news struck fans of the popular series Just Add Magic. The 18-year-old boy Tyler Sanders who played the role of Leo, passed away at his home. The sudden death of a young and talented individual was truly heartbreaking. Pedro Tapria, the agent of Sanders, revealed his death news.

Fans were stunned and desired to know the real reason behind his death. Initially, nothing was confirmed. The family and his agent did not provide any details. There were many speculations about his death. But after almost 6 months, the real reason behind his death is out. Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has issued the autopsy report to confirm the truth behind the tragic death of the young star.

Tyler Sanders cause of death

Who Was Tyler Sanders?

Tyler was born in 2004. Sanders was a very talented actor who grabbed roles in numerous short films. Fans were impressed with his role as Young Jake Otto in Fear The Walking Dead. He was then cast as Leo in the series Just Add Magic. The role won him the appreciation and love of the audience. Consequently, he was roped in to play a pivotal role in the spinoff series of the same show.

The series titled Just Add Magic: Mystery City tracks the story of Leo, his step-sister Zoe and their neighbor Ish. Sanders played a key role in their series as he gets the chance to be the caretaker of the magic cookbook. He unravels mysteries, and then they all go on a thrilling adventure. The series by Amazon was highly rated by the audience and helped Sanders gain immense popularity.

Tyler Sanders autopsy report

Tyler Sander’s death is tragic, as he was just 18. At such a young age, he had managed to play a variety of characters and won the hearts of the audience. He was destined to be a huge star. Many of you might remember Sanders due to his appearance in Season 3 of 9-1-1:Lone Star. Tyler Sanders was not just limited to series.

He has also appeared in movies which include What About Barb? The Reliant, among others. He desired to explore all the mediums and thus focused on starring in web series, movies, etc.

Tyler Sanders’s Cause Of Death Revealed!

Plastic straw and white powder were retrieved by police in the room where he was found dead, and people linked to the death investigations revealed he had a history of drug usage. According to the ME’s findings in the autopsy report, Tyler texted a buddy the night before he died to let them know he had been taking fentanyl. After sending the fentanyl text, Tyler reportedly didn’t return his friend’s calls.

Tyler Sanders drug addiction

Also, the coroner says Tyler didn’t have any known health problems, but he had a history of using drugs like heroin, cocaine, LSD, mushrooms, and Xanax. According to the report, Tyler was discovered asleep and unresponsive in the bedroom of the house where he lived by himself… and apparent illegal substances were discovered in the bathroom.

According to the complaint, 911 was contacted, and emergency medical services arrived at the residence, where Sanders was found to have passed away. The postmortem report said that Sanders tested positive for the presence of the powerful substance.

According to the results of the autopsy, “Fentanyl… is an artificial opioid that is extremely strong and can lead to fatal addiction. It has found a quick liking among teens. Sanders, according to the investigation, “had a history of drug usage.”

Tyler Sanders in just add magicWhat Exactly Is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is quite a strong substance that can easily lead to addiction. Fentanyl is commonly misused for its euphoric effects after being given for acute pain. Overdose, addiction, and death are possible. Fentanyl addiction may cause dependency, overdose, and mortality in youth.

Educating kids about fentanyl’s hazards may help avoid addiction. Parents and educators should speak to kids about opioid usage and drug addiction and support good decision-making. Teens should get counseling if they see changes in behavior or mood.

Was Tyler Sanders Suffering from Depression?

Yes, Sanders was struggling with mental health issues. All this was revealed to the public thanks to the statements by his family and friends. Tyler’s father, David Sanders, says that despite his son’s efforts to get help, Tyler was unable to find any solace from his symptoms and instead turned to drug experimentation.

“Tyler’s drug usage was never an effort to have some lighthearted fun with his friends, but rather a means of combating a serious mental health issue. Even though we continue to grieve Tyler’s loss, we are committed to telling his story in the hopes of stimulating further discussion about this ubiquitous problem.

His loved ones have expressed their desire that his demise would raise awareness of mental health issues and the underlying hardships that some people face on a regular basis. Ginger Sanders, Tyler’s mother, expressed how hard it had been to deal with the loss of her son due to the effects of fentanyl intoxication. “I want everyone to know that our family is just like any other family out there, and we never imagined that anything like this could ever happen to us.

Tyler was surrounded by loving friends and family, yet he still couldn’t shake the blues. Possibly, as a result of his low mood, Tyler actively sought out opportunities to strengthen his relationships with others and make their lives more fulfilling. Tyler discreetly faced inner conflicts while externally ensuring no one felt like he did.

Fans Are Heartbroken

Tyler Sanders age

In the wake of the heartbreaking news of his passing, admirers have rushed to the most recent post he made on Instagram to pay respect to him. One person commented, “Rip young soul….. My sympathies to your family and friends,” in the comment area of the picture that was uploaded and shared five days ago.

The image depicts a young man wearing a navy suit standing on the balcony of a cabin in the Colorado Rockies. “So sad, gone too soon and altogether too young to die.” Have some shut-eye, buddy. Your appearance on 9-1-1: Lone Star was one of the highlights of my week.

Mental health is an important topic for celebrities to discuss, as their fame and influence can help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues. By speaking out, celebrities can encourage more people to seek help and support, showing that it is okay to talk about mental health and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.

Celebrities can also be role models and demonstrate healthy coping mechanisms to their fans. Finally, celebrities can help to raise awareness and funds for mental health charities and organizations, furthering the cause and helping to erase the stigma.

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