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What Happened To Valentino Dixon?

Valentino Dixon
Valentino Dixon and his recreation of golf course. (Credits: CNN)

At age 21, Dixon was arrested and accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He remained brave and faithful and ultimately was proven innocent.

Valentino Dixon has a life of unimaginable struggles and extraordinary pains. His story is an enlightening account of how art can impact one’s life and his path. Let’s see how in reading the story of what happened to Valentino Dixon.

Who is Valentino Dixon?

He was born on October 20, 1969, and lived in Buffalo, New York. He attended Buffalo Academy for Visual Performing Arts. He had a natural affinity and talent as an artist.

Jack Nicklaus compares Valentino to ‘Nelson Mandela,’ and the artist has some serious golf art stories to inspire people. He is not an ordinary man as he has sold his art to some of the most influential people in the world, like Michelle Obama.

He has been nominated for three Emmys for his deserving work. He was written and authored his book, ‘The Soul Of An Unfreed Man.’ He has a tough journey, and he has been awarded a gold medal from the Vatican for his peace-inspiring journey in life.

He owns a clothing line, Art Foundation, and YouTube teaching videos for art which show how art can make a person legendary inside out.

He had an important meeting with Tiger Woods, telling him that he was going to win as he was there to receive an award. His life in Buffalo was simple, and it was a dangerous drug-filled neighborhood.

At a young age, his skill preoccupied his art teacher. He learned to draw newspaper characters and reached a point where he could tell he was better than actual artists.

What Happened to Valentino Dixon?

Sentenced to prison, Dixon drew ten hours a day, being nationally renowned for drawing the Warden’s favorite golf hole,’ The twelfth hole of August.’ His experience of prison was a ‘bubble’ from which eyewitnesses and the confession of the real offender couldn’t save him.

Golf drawing

Dixon’s magical golf recreation (Credits: Golf Digest)

In 1992, he was sentenced to 40 years in Prison for a shooting of a man in downtown Buffalo in 1991. But God’s gift of art saved his life with the drawing of the famous 12th hole at Augusta National Golf Course.

A golf digest journalist, the gold channel, and Georgetown University helped Dixon’s justified and respectful release from prison in 2018 after twenty-seven years of false accusations.

His first commissioned drawing was due to a prison warden. In prison, he decided to become the greatest artist on Earth to save himself from wronged accusations.

This is just the beginning. Dixon has also in his resume the painting of US President Barack Obama- which shows his ideas of freedom within the prison cell. He was determined and unfazed by failure in his mission to be freed.

A fight in Buffalo broke out as Dixon was with his companions, and shooting was heard. Dixon fled in his car but was soon caught by the police. He was questioned if he was present at the location of the crime.

With no further procedure, she was charged with murder, with the car and clothes as evidence. He knew that gunpowder remains in his clothes would stand as real evidence that he had fired a weapon.

The residue testing was never considered. He has assigned a defender from the court who had a videotaped confession of Lamar Scott.  All he had was abundant time to draw in the prison.

He starred with some drawings of Native Americans and Flowers from Albuquerque. His art was featured in magazine columns by journalist Alder. Dixon wrote to him requesting to write his life story.

Students of Georgetown University discussed Dixon’s case in 2018 and even created documentaries involving the district attorney. He was asked about the clothes testing, and Dixon got a retrial, which freed him after 27 years in prison.

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