Miranda Lambert Husband: All About Their Love Story.

Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Brendan McLoughlin
Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Brendan McLoughlin (Credits: Life & Style)

Who is the spouse of Miranda Lambert? The announcement of Miranda Lambert’s wedding with police officer Brendan McLoughlin in January of this year came as a surprise to everyone after less than three months of dating.

When Lambert appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America in November 2018, McLoughlin was manning security. Before Lambert confirmed their marriage, the two privately coupled and preserved their relationship a secret.

This article will examine Miranda Lambert’s marital status. So read this article through to the end to discover Miranda Lambert’s husband and learn everything there is to know about him.  

Who Is Miranda Lambert’s Husband? How Did They Meet And Fall In Love?

Miranda Lambert is married to Brendan McLoughlin. Actually, from Staten Island, Brendan works as a police officer in New York. His place of employment was the Midtown South Precinct. In March 2018, he was recognized for foiling a bank heist.

It’s possible that Lambert’s father’s employment as a police officer helped him connect with McLoughlin. Before starting his own detective agency with Lambert’s mother, Lambert’s father was a homicide and drugs inspector for the Dallas Police Department.

Former NYPD detective Brendan McLoughlin, 31, first saw his future wife while she was performing with her band, The Pistol Annies, on the set of Good Morning America.

As a member of their security staff, Brendan was performing duties on the show at the same time. They clicked immediately away, even though Miranda wasn’t paying attention to it at the time, and it was truly an example of love at first sight when they first met.

According to the singer’s recent interview with the New York Times, when her pals saw Brendan, they realized she could be ready to spend time with someone. He was secretly invited to their performance.

Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Brendan McLoughlin Celebrating Her Birthday.
Miranda Lambert And Her Husband Brendan McLoughlin Celebrating Her Birthday. (Credits: iNTouch)

Lambert and McLoughlin got married on a farm outside of Nashville nearly three months after they first met. Lambert’s social media announcement of the wedding came three weeks after the couple had kept the news private.

Numerous admirers were shocked by Miranda and Brendan’s wedding because they were maintaining their marriage a secret.

But since then, they’ve posted a number of photos of one another on the internet and have been photographed out together on various occasions. The couple appears to be going healthy and content together, considering their hectic lifestyles.

Brendan has since left the police department and has been a supporter of Miranda’s musical career. He has traveled with her and been seen with her at several gatherings.

On social media, Miranda has also posted a number of photos of them together, including ones in which they are having fun outside, relaxing alongside their dogs, and commemorating special occasions.

In front of the crowd in Atlantic City, Lambert spoke candidly about how McLoughlin restored joy to her life. The singer admitted that her situation has improved.

She added that McLoughlin is fortunate for her because she is no longer going through a difficult phase in her life. She gave her sweet husband thanks. Despite the fact that her husband, Brendan, has helped her to no longer feel depressed, she continued, she still loves a sad country song with all her heart.