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Ken Paxton Affair: Impeachment Trial Of Texas Attorney General

ken paxton affair
General Attorney Ken Paxton (Credits: Lola Gomez/ TNS)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is currently undergoing an impeachment trial, facing accusations of bribery and corruption. The 60-year-old attorney general, who has aligned himself with former president Donald Trump, was stripped of his duties and suspended from office in May.

His wife, Angela Paxton, represents District 8 in the Texas Senate. Although Senator Paxton is not allowed to vote during the trial, she has permission to attend the trial proceedings.

However, during the proceedings on Monday, a staff member from the office testified that the attorney general had an extramarital affair, which plays an important role in the impeachment trial.

Apart from that, Ken Paxton has been accused by a whistleblower, Mark Penley, who held the position of deputy attorney general in Paxton’s office. He accused Ken Paxton of using his privilege and position of power to help his friend and Texas Real Estate Agent Nate Paul.

ken paxton affair

Ken Paxton (Credits: Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Penley said that the attorney general helped his friend Nate Paul when Paul was facing an FBI investigation under the charges of making false statements to the banks. In return, Paul gave a job to the woman who Paxton had an affair with. In return, Paul gave a job to the woman who Paxton had an affair with. Nate Paul donated is said to have donated $25,000 to Paxton’s campaign earlier.

Ken Paxton Affair

Former Chief of Staff in Paxton’s office, Katherine Cary, testified about him having an affair, and that exposed the office to corruption and bribery. Carey revealed that she had warned the general attorney about the problems that the office could face because of the affair.

She testified, “These things open one up to bribery, misuse of office, misuse of state time,” she said. She further said that the security aides had raised their concerns and grievances over the long and odd working hours and the attendance of events that weren’t state business.

Adding to her conversation with Paxton, she said, “I told General Paxton quite bluntly that it wasn’t my business which he was sleeping with, but that, when things boiled over into the office and into the state work, then it’d become my business.”

Cary resigned from her post in the office in 2020 and continued her career as a private lawyer. A lot of people in the office were aware of Paxton’s affair and were not happy with it. When the general attorney and his wife, Senator Paxton, had discussed his affair during a staff meeting in 2018, Cary had sympathized with Angela, as she had been heartbroken.

Though Paxton had claimed that the affair had ended, Cary had found out that the affair was still going on despite everything, and the employees thought that Ken Paxton was often driven by his desire.

When she confronted the general attorney, he became irritated and frustrated with her. He claimed that he loved the woman he had an affair with. According to the reports, Paxton had an affair with Laura Olson, and it was mentioned in the court documents that were filed by his defense team in August.

The General Attorney’s defense lawyer argued that just because someone had an affair, it does not make them a criminal. She said that it was unfair to the attorney and emphasized that having an affair is not a crime.

Cary was then questioned by Tony Buzbee, “Imagine if we impeached everybody here in Austin that had an affair. We’d be impeaching for the next 100 years, wouldn’t we?” To this, Cary had answered, “I don’t think I should answer that question in this chamber, particularly.”

ken paxton affair

General Attorney Ken Paxton (Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Throughout the proceedings, Angela Paxton had been present and taking notes. She has been optimistic and supportive of her husband since the beginning of the trial. The couple was seen embracing on the first day of the trial, and Angela is often seen smiling and waving at the crowd present to support her husband.

The trial is continuing, and if Paxton is found innocent, he will be able to continue his office for his tenure. The motion of impeachment requires two-thirds of the majority votes by the Senate, and if they’re not in Paxton’s favor, he will be removed from his position in office.

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