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X Plans to Extend the Reach of Its ‘Amplify’ Video Monetization Program for Creators

X is Looking to Expand its ‘Amplify’ Video Monetization Program to Creators

Hey, recall when Mr. Beast reposted an old video on X, raking in $260k from ad revenue share in just one week? Other X creators, earning around $1000 for similar metrics, were understandably baffled.

Turns out, X employed a bit of a workaround by enlisting MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) into its Amplify video promotion offering, a privilege not extended to other creators as it was previously exclusive to selected partner publishers in the app. X has acknowledged this and stated it’s experimenting with MrBeast as an initial partner, intending to expand the Amplify program.

Evan Jones, in a recent tweet, expressed enthusiasm about working with MrBeast and mentioned the trial of a new video monetization product, allowing creators to earn a revenue share from pre-roll ads on their videos. The plan is to make this feature, along with reply monetization, available to more creators on X soon.

X Plans to Extend the Reach of Its 'Amplify' Video Monetization Program for Creators

X Plans to Extend the Reach of Its ‘Amplify’ Video Monetization Program for Creators (Credits: Euro News)

Initially, X didn’t openly disclose this when highlighting Donaldson’s clip’s success. Currently, X creators can only monetize their content through the ad revenue share program, earning a percentage based on ads shown in the replies on their posts. Making $250k in a week through this method would require a massive number of replies, making it unlikely for others to achieve such high payouts.

The discrepancy in earnings arose because MrBeast was making additional money from sponsored pre-roll ads displayed on his clip, thanks to his popularity and reach. As the Amplify program plans to expand to all creators, the question arises: will all X users soon have the potential to make $250k per week?

Not quite. X’s Amplify program has specific parameters, and although entry requirements for individual creators haven’t been shared, it appears that X will handpick creators to participate. While not available to everyone, the interest generated by big creators like MrBeast could reduce the ad revenue share for others.

If Donaldson replicates his success, other prominent video creators may join the program when it becomes more widely available. This could help X enhance its video ecosystem and attract more viewers to the app.

While not everyone may achieve Donaldson’s payouts, even a fraction could be significant and drive more video content through the app. The challenge lies in securing exclusives and convincing creators to shift from YouTube to X, a move that seems unlikely but would contribute to X’s “video first” approach, especially with the development of a dedicated video tab.

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