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ABC News Host Interrupts Gavin Newsom’s Assertion of Biden’s ‘Best Three-Year Record in Any Modern American Presidency

ABC News Host Interrupts Gavin Newsom's Assertion of Biden's 'Best Three-Year Record in Any Modern American Presidency.
Credits: Mediaite

During a recent interview, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom claimed that President Joe Biden has “the best three-year record of any modern American presidency,” and he highlighted the successes of the Biden-Harris administration.

ABC News host Jonathan Karl challenged this assertion, pointing out that Biden’s approval ratings are historically low, prompting Newsom to attribute the challenges to global difficulties over the past several years.

Newsom expressed his commitment to showcasing the achievements of the Biden-Harris administration, emphasizing that they have the “best three-year record of any modern American presidency.” He asserted that on various issues, the American people overwhelmingly support Biden’s actions.

ABC News Host Interrupts Gavin Newsom's Assertion of Biden's 'Best Three-Year Record in Any Modern American Presidency.

Gavin Newsom (Credits: The Hill)

However, Karl interjected, highlighting the significant exception of Biden’s historically low approval ratings and questioning the governor about the reasons behind it.

In response, Newsom evaded directly addressing the question about Biden’s low approval ratings. Instead, he attributed the global challenges of the last six to seven years as contributing factors.

He then shifted the focus to the economic strategy implemented by Biden, claiming that it fulfilled longstanding Republican aspirations that were never realized until now.

When Karl pressed Newsom about the ongoing border crisis and the millions of illegal aliens entering the U.S., the governor sidestepped specifics and placed blame on Republicans.

He suggested that dealing with the reality on the ground requires a comprehensive conversation, emphasizing the need for immigration reform beyond just border security. Newsom mentioned Biden’s comprehensive strategy, including a pathway to citizenship aligned with the approach of former Republican President Ronald Reagan.

Newsom accused Republicans of obstructing progress on immigration reform, alleging that they are promoting an agenda to disrupt and impede the Biden administration. According to Newsom, the refusal to act and the obstructionist approach stem from Republicans’ unwillingness to support any progress on the matter.

In this exchange, Newsom navigated around specific answers regarding Biden’s low approval ratings and the challenges posed by the border crisis.

Instead, he emphasized the broader successes of the administration, blamed global difficulties for the current state of affairs, and accused Republicans of hindering progress on important issues. The interview highlighted the political maneuvering around contentious topics as the Biden administration faces scrutiny and criticism.

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