Nikki Haley’s Latest TV Advertisement Targets Trump in South Carolina

Nikki Haley in South Carolina

Nikki Haley’s campaign is launching a new 30-second advertisement titled “Blessed,” set to air in South Carolina TV markets starting Tuesday. The ad, shared exclusively with NBC News, directly targets former President Donald Trump, marking a significant shift in the campaign strategy.

The narrator in the ad asserts that “chaos follows” Trump, a sentiment frequently echoed by Haley during her campaign events. In a notable departure from her earlier approach, the ad brings attention to Trump’s age, emphasizing that “he’s getting older.”

Haley, in recent town hall meetings, has emphasized the need for a “new generational leader” rather than having “two 80-year-olds running for president.” This subtle jab at Trump’s age suggests a strategic move to position Haley as a fresh and vibrant alternative.

Nikki Haley's Latest TV Advertisement Targets Trump in South Carolina
Nikki Haley’s Latest TV Advertisement Targets (Credits: The Daily Beast)

The narrative of the ad then transitions to showcase Haley’s own accomplishments. It highlights her tenure as South Carolina governor, noting that she “took on the establishment in Columbia.”

Additionally, the ad emphasizes her role at the United Nations, where she “took on the world’s dictators.” By underscoring her experience and willingness to confront powerful entities, the ad aims to establish Haley as a strong and capable leader.

In response to the ad, Haley’s spokesperson, Olivia Perez-Cubas, comments on Trump’s changing demeanor over the years. Perez-Cubas suggests that Trump is not the same candidate he was eight years ago, emphasizing the increasing frequency and intensity of his “tirades and temper tantrums.”

This portrayal of Trump’s behavior serves to reinforce the ad’s central message that the country cannot afford another term marked by chaos.

The release of this ad aligns with Haley’s broader campaign strategy in South Carolina, where she aims to secure victory in the GOP primary on February 24.

The campaign had previously announced a media buy totaling $4 million in the state, and this ad is part of that planned expenditure. Notably, the campaign had already spent $1.7 million on ads in South Carolina following the New Hampshire primary.

Haley’s decision to directly target Trump in the ad indicates a calculated effort to differentiate herself from the former president and present an alternative vision for the future.

By emphasizing qualities such as stability, a new generation of leadership, and a track record of taking on challenges, Haley seeks to resonate with voters and position herself favorably ahead of the crucial primary in South Carolina.

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