Biden Skips Super Bowl Interview, Advisers Note it’s Part of the Plan

Biden Attempting to Skip the Super Bowl Interview
Credits: The Hill

For the second consecutive year, President Joe Biden has opted not to participate in a Super Bowl interview, a decision attributed to his communication strategy, as his advisers believe viewers prefer tuning into the game without any political interruptions.

The move has raised concerns among some Democrats who question whether Biden’s decision is due to a lack of content or concerns about potential remarks.

A senior administration official disclosed that CBS, the network broadcasting the Super Bowl this year, offered a 15-minute online interview, with three to four minutes airing during the game. The White House declined, citing the extended general election period ahead.

Biden Attempting to Skip the Super Bowl Interview
Biden Attempting to Skip the Super Bowl Interview (Credits: The New York Times)

Critics argue that Biden should have seized the opportunity to address the nation, especially after recent retaliatory strikes in the Middle East.

A veteran Democratic campaign operative expressed concern, stating, “Either he doesn’t have anything to say or his team is worried about what he might say or how he’d say it.

Regardless, it’s a problem.” Former President Donald Trump quickly responded to Biden’s decision, indicating his willingness to take the interview, and insinuated that it reflected Biden’s cognitive state, a common GOP criticism.

Ben LaBolt, White House communications director, defended the decision, stating, “We hope viewers enjoy watching what they tuned in for — the game.”

Biden’s team emphasizes that the president has engaged in network interviews in the past and will do so strategically when it best serves their messaging.

They highlight Biden’s recent extensive travel schedule and various engagements, collectively reaching millions of voters. Despite the Super Bowl interview omission, the Biden campaign has not avoided the NFL entirely, running ads during key games last fall and on Thanksgiving Day in battleground states.

Biden’s overall interview count since taking office is notably lower than his predecessors, participating in 86 interviews compared to 300 for Trump and 422 for Barack Obama at a similar point in their presidencies.

The decision not to participate in a Super Bowl interview aligns with Biden’s approach last year, where a compromise was reached with Fox News to conduct an interview on their streaming channel Fox Soul.

While Obama established the tradition of participating in Super Bowl interviews during his two terms, Biden engaged in such an interview with CBS in 2021 and in 2022 with NBC.

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